Connect with your friends and settle your bills though Settle Easy. Now anybody can add the transactions to a group and other members will be able to see that. Settling was never easy before and it has gone to an advanced level!!!.
Add a group to start with.

screenshot2  screenshot3

Add the members from your contacts and ask them to download it. Whatever transactions you add can be seen by them and vise versa. Settle Easy the transactions on a button click and your members will get notified through whatsapp.

screenshot4  screenshot5
Key features:
• Highly interactive and simple UI
• All the members are connected
• Anyone can add any transaction they did, for any one, at any point of time
• The settlement at the end can be made by just a tap on ‘Settle’ button and everyone can be notified through WhatsApp on the final dues they have to pay – Make sure that a group is created in whatsapp, just to make things simpler or you can send it to individuals as well.
• Update the already added transactions any time, any place
Report any bugs or ask any queries at