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Rush Down – a fun new Hyper Casual in the Store [Review]


Are you a fan of Flappy bird??. Or still searching for some cool hyper casual games in the app store?. Look no further, Rush Down! is a simple casual game for iOS with a easy game mechanics. Released by Sunrise Intelligence UG, this game has all the ones ticked to be one among the trending hyper casual in the store.

The game features a one finger control so that you can play anywhere anytime. You just need to be very focussed as to avoid all different obstacles that come charging in towards the OXiO. The obstacles varies from shapes and sizes from each stage. As you progress the stages, the obstacles suddenly switch into the next type, which adds a good touch of progression in this kind of endless game.

Even the skins can be upgraded from the purchases that you can use in the game, it offers various hero skins like a robot or different spaceships that you can change into for just a dollar.

Being a endless runner, this game makes you find your best score to beat and share with your friends, so you can brag about your score . So are you up for the challenge to get the top score?.

We did not encounter any bugs or issues in the game and the game is very stable and very well made. There is no doubt this game got us hooked multiple times to whenever we played it , so git it a try and try to get a new score every time you play. You can post your highest score in the comments here.

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