Road Not Taken is an adventure puzzle game developed by Spry fox in which you start your journey in blizzard snowy village with your magical staff.

Genre:Action/Puzzle Adventure.


Road Not Taken is a roguelike puzzle game, inspired from Robert Frost’s poem of the same name. Developed by Spry fox, one of my favorite game developer who developed Bushido bear and Alphabears. Road Not Taken is all about surviving in sudden life’s change as your adventure starts in a remote village with a powerful winter storm you start your quest to help villagers who lost their kids in the forest, they were sent to help their parents pick winter berries. You need to reunite parents with their children by wandering randomly in the blizzard region filled with wildlife and other objects stand beside you, the children and their parents. In a gameplay you talk to villagers to gain more information about objects in the forest which will help you in your journey like matching logs create fire and each object you lift behaves differently depends upon obstacles. when you choose any wrong object, just thrown it or carry along with you cannot put back in place, you will lose energy. So decide carefully which object to lift and match, this will make your path easier.


Sometimes in a given region are usually blocked by obstacles will  disappear only by matching specific objects, and sometimes the necessary ingredients are not in its right place, you must backtrack and toss the right item like tree, skittish wildlife, or a block of ice. In other instance you might get stuck across wolf surrounded by dear. The carnivore will eat the other animals if you don’t take action, you cannot reach further level and this could be sign of danger because if you let a bit of bad luck or poor planning will prevent you from reaching many screens, or you carry item for as long time that could instead be tossed, you won’t be able to save children and meet the mayor’s quota. You will fail and run out of energy so be careful and overall Road Not Taken is a difficult adventure, Though you will likely fail many times as you attempt to make finally reach destination.