Taru Studio launches Rain Shaman to the market, a free arcade game available now in the App Store.

Barcelona, 15 February 2015 – Rain Shaman is an old-school-style arcade game with 15 unique characters and a simple and addictive game mechanics.

The storytakes place in a faraway land, home to a rain-summoning shaman. But this time something’s gone wrong. While he managed to successfully conjure up the rain, he’s also caused frogs to rain from the sky. Your objective is to help the shaman fix the disaster he’s created by putting the rain and the frogs where they belong and completing the totem that Rain Shaman’s building to earn the gods’ forgiveness.

While Rain Shaman is a game for everyone thanks to its intuitive mechanic, only the most skilled will have any chance of completing the game. The 15 characters are unlocked as you play and their 5 exclusive backgrounds make Rain Shaman a game in the arcade sector with huge replay value. Rain Shaman is free but you can improve it by buying a small update giving you access to all the characters.

Test your reflexes, practice, and become the first-ever Rain Shaman by once and for all remedying the annoying frog menace!