No Man’s Sky developed by Taras Bekhta take your adventure to center of galaxy in No Man’s Sky No Man’s Sky

Genre:Action & Adventure Developer:Taras Bekhta

The game No man’s sky developed by Taras Bekhta which is a remarkable thing a procedural and stimulated universe shared by everyone, unconstrained by limitaions. Were Factions fighting for dominance in massive space battles. Gigantic worlds ruled by great physics mechanics and ecosystems, playing out before our very eyes realise. It’s about exploring, seeing what the next star system looks like, finding the next weird, freaky little creature, and looking over a thousand alien horizons.

The play goes through random planet and smolder beside the damaged aircraft Vesmíroběžník traveler wants to settle down, plan to build a house, and task is accumalate the materials to repair the ship and push and start the jets starter motors and head towards magical universe. Its essential you move between star system to keep your starship powerd with warp cells. You create element warp cells build Antimatter and collect Thamium9  and need to build Electron Vapour and Heridium and Zinc. Collect carbon to build Suspension fluid. So engageing yourself for many hours.

The game takes you to world of something entirely different. Those ridiculously ambitious features exit only as shadowes, stripped down to the bones when they do apper in the game at all. I to esplain what No Man’s Sky is not. It displays more similarities with out there with an FTL- like space adventure which was originally designed for mobile than it does with Elite:dangerous . You will experience lot more tough and tension situation which will put you on nerve racking sense. Which throws a few serious challenges on the player’s way. Later horde a senery journey with horde of beautiful solar systems.


you will move swiftly  between sytems that you just hit the world and collect matching pieces of knowledge about the races that inhabit the galaxy or consciously set the course for the center. There so many questions will emerge but cann’t answer unless you explore yourself in entiree journey also thre is still more depth in game to uncover. Also you are stuck in a random world helplessly a barely functioning ship next to you with expressive guidance. No Man’s Sky really puts you in confusion and helpless situation. Providing potential avenues of progression with less direction. Even if you find the path game provides twist beneath it

You spend most of your time on quest finding the way in center of the galaxy or other goals. You gather resources on planets and moons discovering the new way or something horribly tragic about how does the reasouce function by gathering and crafting system and feels like you stuck in alien world for long hours by exploring them careless and formulaic idea. Repetitive process will happen in each stage do Exactly to previous level


No Man’s sky makes you engage in various activities like getting more uron to recharge your shield and hunt down for more zinc just to fill up the hyperdrve and this things make you very busy filled with wonders. Stil more are waiting for us but harder to see. Its about surviving in a infinite randomly generated universe like planet hanging lowon the horizon, distant mountain and flying seamlessly from the surface of a planet to another, star etc

No Man’s SKy attempts to do something more pretty visuals to stare , explore and procced  to various place, To sets yourself for a shallow experience and top of it large building of flaws that makes you bit boring But we can conjure up game as adventure and thrills gives challenge at every second. We can say its the story about journey not a stimulation based game