Maestria developed by Antonie Latour takes you to beautiful lands Harmoniz puzzle.

Maestria By Antoine Latour

Genre:Puzzle Developer:Antoine Latour

The game Maestria developed by Antoine Latour is a nice puzzle game revolves around beautiful music and melodies song. Playing game Maestria around chill night is really enjoyable. The game is inspired from Monument Valley. You can enjoy Maestria by having sip of hot tea and realxing this is ideal way to enjoy Maestria. This give ultimately a thoughtful and relaxing experience

These type of relaxing game are very rare to be findout in appstore. I always love to explore lovely and relaxing games on the appstore especially my favorite genres is puzzle game, because these are great brain stimulator and keeps you brain sharp similar to Monument Valley, which has remarkable design and physics mechanics used. Nowadays we cand find  these kinds of game very rare in mobile games, which gives both a relaxing and lots of fun. Also Deep under the Sky resembles like Monumnet valley but it gets a lot of the same things right.  Because  meditative gameplay is reflected by both the sound and visual presentation.


The game has obstacles that are introduced into the gameplay which requires to approach the levels a little differently. Maestria puzzle game splits up eight diffrent world into 160 levels which each have their own set of puzzles to solve. The objective in the game is to ring the colored bells in the correct order on each stage before you move on. Sometimes Fugue, won’t be able to move flowlessly, Even these bells acts strange characters like some bells can be pushed around. While others cann’t and some will just move on there own. There are many obstacles block your progress like one obstacle reflects the sound wave back towards Fugue, so you can use it to hit notes twice in a row, or avoid bells you don’t need to ring.

Visually speaking Maestria is inspired from Monumet Valley, and you can check by yourself Maestria has got vivid isometric graphics, with remarkable environment settings surrounded by adorable dynamic lighting and shadow effects. I know most of them already played the levels by now early stages resemble monument valley and late stages have diffrent environmet  and darkness or snow-covered mountains. The colors in the game are bright and covered by lush environment. And game involved nice texture with fine details this adds plus point to games. Soundtrack in gameplay are melodius to hear which aims to focus on the puzzle game.


Fugue has great powers and can cast spells that produces a large wavelength, which allows bell to ring as they are touched. And game displays some hint makes levels easier by showing order that bell should rung at the bottom which is displayed once in action before you start each stage. Ringing wrong bells doesn’t make to loose anything becasue game is free from points and stars to earn in the game.

Maestria is a game center of attraction while other mobile games features a in-app purchase, impressive rewards and large life charcaters, So far I really enjoyed harmony kinda puzzle and great physics mechanic used with remarkable visuals.