Leap Day by Nitrome It looks and sounds great, too. Just don’t expect an easy ride as your blob climbs to the top.

Leap Day by Nitrome

Genre :Puzzle Developer:Nitrate

Leap Day is all about leaping. A little yellow fat weird animal on legs auto-runs, rebounding off of walls, and you tap to leap. Leap Day regularly manages to shakily walk the line between “tough but satisfying” and “I’m never playing this BS again. Tap a second time and the colourful blob leaps while already in the air, like a reject superhero. And its a vertical jumper,runner and platform game with an amazing mixture of popular game base designs all combines together to create something incredible thing.

In Leap Day objective is to help your player- a cute little bouncing yellow guy- reach the top of a large tower made of platforms by bouncing off walls, jumping on foes, jumping over spikes similar to other old games we used to play. But there’s a lot of depth to it once you really dig down to it. For starters, double-jumping is in, which allows for some really crafty and devious level designs that skew towards vertical leaps. and some features like  wall-sliding abilities and wall-jumping  which works surprisingly well despite the auto-running.


In Leap Day jumping mechanic works really well like something becomes a thinking man’s game in many ways, especially when spikes, moving platforms roaming enemies. And it forces the player to divine the best possible solution for any given puzzle. But what truly sets this apart from other mobile platforms is that there’s only ever one level to play per day. And of course if you do beat these, were you can sit back and wait for the next one while throwing your score in your friends’ faces. If you enjoy doing that kind of stuff, of
course. Some of the features you’re going to love which is entirely new enemies, themes and hazards. Some people might even enjoy going back and replay old stages you’ve completed or other completed levels for that matter by unlocking them

There’s also fruit that you can collect, which acts as a sort of pseudo-score. You after reaching a new checkpoint every few levels. And its not necessary to hit every checkpoint, but its incredibly useful to do so some areas are very tough, or use currency to activate checkpoints. I really loved the concept of checkpoint system which creates this cool reward/risk aspect for the progression. But it’s incredibly necessary to do so as some areas are very tough, and having to go back previous levels. You can spend 20 fruit to activate one and avoid replaying a lot when you loose, But you could also save that fruit and try to get a little bit further – because things only get more difficult as you climb higher.


As an added bonus Leap Day offers a new challenge every day mixing up traps, enemies and locations.  The big part what makes the platforming so challenging is Leap Day’s movement. Rather than its control run right, run left and jump, the little yellow Protagonist automatically walks back and-forth across the screen. This cute character never stop moving one way or the other. All you can do is tap the screen to jump or double-jump. Actually Leap Day is very easy to play but getting anywhere is more a matter of timing. Many of the hazards are placed in such a way that you really need to become familiar with jump arcs and the character’s momentum. If you are not interested to go back checkpoints.

Leap Day looks like another fun high score chaser full of pixel art from the studio that is perhaps the pinnacle of pixel art on mobile. You’ll be bouncing on springs, wall-jumping, and avoiding all sorts of wacky hazards in an attempt to leap as high as possible. Despite sometimes being a little bit annoying than fun, Leap Day is still an incredibly well crafted platformer. Its tough at the same time rewarding.