Lara Croft Go is a Award winning mobile game of 2015 and its a turn based puzzle adventure game.

Genre:Puzzle developer:SQUARE ENIX Ltd



Lara Croft Go is one of the best turn based puzzle adventure game by exploring the ruins of ancient civilization, uncover the secrets myth of the Queen of Venom. Throughout the game enemies chase around her and she has to face many obstacles along the way, there are certain set of rules in the game needed to be followed, like the snakes needed be attacked from the side or rear, boulders has to be stopped or it will roll endlessly, traps and beasts along the path and many more. Lara can use her pistols to take out her enemies and sometimes cleverly use the environment. With the help of spears you can defeat the Foes. Sometimes Lara cannot shoot some creatures which are far off distance, for which she has to use her spear which is more powerful than the pistol.


This game has received best mobile game awards of 2015. Lara Croft Go is really a cool game in its way and it lets you use the environment cleverly  running over enemies with boulders and use spike trap on a giant snake. There are total 101 puzzles with 6 chapter you will experience in your journey. In the middle part of the game there are bunch of costumes to grab can find in different relics hidden in each world. These are very difficult to find as they are in nooks and crannies of each levels the costumes will provide solutions when you get stuck. This game is all about using your skills to play and solving all complicated stuffs with challenging skill and at the same time teaching and testing you also Experience lush visuals and a captivating soundtrack.