incredible Mandy is a Minimalist Adventure-Puzzler. It is a third person platformer with a little bit of combination of combat and a whole lot of environmental puzzles in a semi-open world. and solving interesting puzzles.

Incredible Mandy

Genre: Puzzle Developer:Dotoyou Games

Incredible Mandy is a third person platformer game with a little bit of environmental puzzle and combat in a semi-open world with whole bunch of story filled,  great settings, and intriguing puzzle with more treasure chests filled with great memory. Mandy makes her way through the human subconscious, battling with move skilfully around the darkness until light shines through. In the end however will it all matter? It, in short, looks really, really interesting.

Before we talk about what could have been better, though, let’s go over what incredible Mandy does well:Level design. levels are built to impress with sweeping vistas of far-off places, Right off the bat,  puzzles yet to be solved, and puzzles you’ve already solved. The Puzzle themselves require engaging with the environment, across ledges, and over chasms and  shifting levers and objects this way and that to clamber over them.


Speaking about incredible Mandy it has thre measures of stroytelling:in-level cutscenes, animated cutscenes and collectible memories which are found these in chests or after defeating each level’s boss in the game. The game level is arranged in orders from highest to lowest. The In-level cutscenes only features one thing across every level: the uncanny image of a little girl in white traversing the area, a continual reminder of the purpose of the journey. Collectible memories serve as puzzle pieces that make up the holes within the whole concept. Those items found in treasure chests are completely optional, though understanding the purpose behind everything encourages exploring the new places.

incredible 2


The talking about game there is dream at the end of every dream pkayers are given task like short comic, illuminating a day, perhaps just feeling a brief exchange between the player character (the brother) and his sister. Other comics can be seen in chests scattered throughout the levels . A;so there is no memory of what you’ve collected in any given area, and whether or not there’s more you haven’t found. It really makes some sense to keep the hidden objectives hidden, but that doesn’t make searching every last corner for something that may or may not be there any less tedious.