So which games of this week have been creating the loudest buzz in the gaming community? Let’s find out.

 Liyla and The Shadows of War


A rather controversial game, this one is based on the point of view of a little girl who is stuck in a war zone, quite possibly Gaza. Set against great music, it throws some impressive puzzles at you. Compatible with iOS 6 or later, it comes free of cost with some in-app purchases.

Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons


This game costs 2.49 pounds to download and has some in-app purchases at later levels. Yes, this used to be a PC game but quickly made its way to Android. Basically, two brothers are on an adventurous journey, fighting and travelling together to help their poor father.


houseCompletely free to download with some in-built app purchases, Mekoramais all about you helping a teeny tiny robot solve a large number of small puzzle dioramas. It some cool background music with some low key 3D simple graphics to keep the whole experience soothing and fun.

Disney Crossy Road


Now you get to cross hurdles and barriers with your favourite Disney characters. With over 100 original Disney characters, you get to have an 8-bit adventure, while jamming to some familiar tracks like “You’ve Got a Friend in Me”. Available in English, Arabic, Chinese, Italian and a few more, this game requires at least iOS 8.



You have to collect all of the 300 characters, all the spells and relic cards. Also, you must devise strategy and build decks that combine three Skylanders before you can walk into battle. It has a multiple user interface, and is free to download but has some in-app purchases. You can also move up by scanning physical Battlecast cards.