Game is developed by Daedalic Entertainment GmbH

Light, dark, shadow and sun these are basic metaphors for death and life also in game they are not just metaphors but also basic necessity of the game. Players will influence felix a new field Reaper in the Ministry of death, as he planned ever more elaborate deaths, intent on impressing his lady-love in the Ministry of life, Betty. The catchy? the two may never meet-Felixmust remain in the shadows, while his girl named Betty dances in sunlit meadows.

the game Felix the Reaper is developed by Daedalic Entertainment GmbH which is a 3D puzzler in the style of Sokoban. Promising shadowy puzzles, comedy blacker than a city sky at midnight who is also a dancing reaper, there are alot of places it could fall short. fall short it does… where music, art, and animation are high points, the gameplay itself much to be desired.

Each chapter of game starts a little before a characters timely death, and each level therein we guide Felix through shadows,mirrors there,moving barrels here, mirrors there, setting the stage just so for the stage just so for the star of the show to fall. Of course, it cannt be a game. let single a puzzle game, if all the shadows just aligned clearly from the get-go. Its a little more work than that, and usually requires moving barrels there and here, need to set stages for the star of the show to fall.,mirrors there, and other miscellaneous items and beings to create a shadowy path to your destination. In addition to rearranging the environment, players also have fun of controling over the sun’s position, almost in a sort of time travel Whatever the case, the idea too awesome, and rather fun to play with.

Playing with shadows is a new concept also an interesting mechanic, all those stants and juggling positions and going back and forth and back and forth again is rather boring specially if you are not aware of what to do or confused. It’s not a big deal in the early captures or levels, but by chapter four you really feel the tedium sometimes, and that’s what fun without going back to get 3 skulls, or playing the hardcore level variants thou.

game is really fun,but not really due to its hardcore nature also enjoyemt begins primarily due to our dancing protagonist and his tunes. Watching Felix slide from one point to another,dance in place, or bounce his way into the televator is fun, and one wonders what he is listeniong to. As background music, each of the thirteen tracks ever so subtly alters the mood from annoying way, to pensive, to pensive, to upbeat and happy, which is crystal clear

The Good

  • Felix is awesome and just a fun to watch in motion
  • A unique and distinct style that is both captivating and uncomfortable

The Bad

  • Strict rule conditions make puzzles frustrating to solve
  • Puzzle mechanics don’t evolve over the course of the game and grow long and tiresome
  • Camera controls are a chore to work with on a controller and unreliable