EZPZ_1EZPZ Unit Converter By Martin Engelsgjerd an user friendly Unit Converter. If you are looking for a Unit Converter that is unlike any that you’ve tried before, then EZPZ Unit Converter is worth checking out.

EZPZ_2There are many Unit Converter apps out there in App store but I like to explore new apps always, so when I saw EZPZ Unit Converter hit my inbox, I was definitely intrigued by the unique design and gave it a try for myself.

EZPZ Unit Converter consists of 16 categories that simplify the conversion of temperature, length, weight, speed, area, and volume with more than 1000 different conversions. Recently they have added a new feature i.e. the Tip Calculator.

EZPZ_3The feature I appreciate the most in the app is it provides fun facts  involving the units used in the conversions, making the App not only very practical, but fun to use as well.

EZPZ Unit Converter features a simple and clean design that fits in well with the overall aesthetics of iOS.

EZPZ_4To top things off,  in find EZPZ Unit Converter  All of the data is laid out in a neat and organized manner, so users will never get lost or confused while navigating the app. Everything is fast and responsive, with smooth transition animations.

EZPZ Unit Converter is a worth keeping app on your iPhone. You can find EZPZ Unit Converter on the iPhone App Store for free with an in-app purchase of $1.99 to remove ads.