Dungeons & Zombies developed by everyone this game is perfect for Halloween festivities which is slightly spooky twist, cutesy an existing game to to sell possessions in order to change them into money on the Halloween festivities. However, scratch under the Surface and you’ll find an altogether problem proposition than first judgement might suggest. example Like a midnight triple bill of scary movies, Dungeons & Zombies is not for the week of heart. 

The game play is related to Sokoban, The game play is related to Sokoban, a puzzle genre in which you have to slide things around on a grid. In this case, the thing you’re sliding is a little girl, and the grid is a series of dungeons. Every dungeon contains its own hazards and features such as pools of water, pillars and most material-zombies. The aim is to navigate the features and avoid zombies and achieve the stone staircase that takes you to the next stage.

If left uninterrupted, zombies are perfectly fine. Unfortunately you can’t danger into same column or row without alarming it your presence, at which point you have just one move to get out of the way. As long as you move out of that column or row, the zombie will skate past you and stop at the next obstacle it meets. . Unfortunately, you can’t escape a room if a zombie happens to be facing the exit, so the game uses technical’s which involves by using the rules like of the zombies  to dart, with a slight delay, in your direction to guide them out of your path and away from the exit.

In the begeinig of the levels you’ve only get troublesome zombies to worry more further you move on due to progress you feel more fun pulling zombies away from you for one move, brains that attract zombies, piles of bones that you have to remove by aiming zombies at them, and fires that are against to you, also there are 120 dungeons to finish, though only 60 of these are seen with the basic download. You have to pay for remaining two sets of 30.

Dungeons & Zombies is very challenging and addictive but also at same time need to use natural inclination of the zombies to dart , also it provide tools for game to complete around tricky stages. like hints, step-by-step guides to completing stages in the fewest possible moves and shortcuts you get offer you get five of these to enjoy throughout all levels and They refill over time. And if that’s not enough, watch an ad in exchange for one or you can buy packs of five for 99p, or 

one more thing about game is you have to unlock firts 18 levels then rtest of the level will unlock itself when we achieve 25 stars. This means you have a chance of your luck to use when you stuck between of the game also its a great solution is the one you work out for yourself, and in time you will felt the knack of Dungeons & Zombies, however you may fell unberable at the beginning. The trick is to aim on finding zombies to end up, and then work backards from that point.

the Bad:

Game Dungeons & Zombies is definitely a big game with more varities no doubt also Tough and challenging than original puzzle game, developer could have added few more elements to keep it interesting. Bones, Brains , and fires are all introduced fairly quickly, and there are lots of surprises after that. If you’re after a casual gaming experience – this game is a hypnotic and relaxing puzzler like Candy Crush – you may find Dungeons & Zombies a bit of a shock.