Most of them think working behind Burger joint would be no fun at all But what you think is really wrong it turns out that putting orders together for a hungry customers from a menu of more than 60 items is a great way to kill some time.

Burger Shop 2

This casual time-management sequel from developer Gobit sees you waking up in a dumpster to discover that the catering empire you built in the previous game has been cruelly taken from you. Its not more difficult to start a business just to start from scratch and regain everything you’ve lost the only way you know how to making fast food. Once again you’re assisted by the BurgerTron 2000, the secret weapon that helped you dominate the fast food world in the first game. whoever put you in that round clearly missed a trick .

You have a trustworthy robot companion which receives constant stream of food items into your restaurant via a snaking conveyor belt, while your customers wait at a counter along the bottom of the screen, requesting meals in speech bubbles. To serve a meal to a customer just tap on the requested food items, and a plate if necessary, and then on the patron who ordered it. Except that only applies to the simplest of simple dishes. Pretty soon you’ll find yourself cooking, filling glasses, food, toasting toast, and much more

good thing about Burger Shop 2 is deceptively deep. New food recipes are added before every level (you get to choose your favourite ones), along with other features and boots. Foods are needed to be prepared in a varies ways, whether in the oven, from the ice cream machine, from fryer. you can even enjoy toppings like butter on toast or ice creams on sprinkles, which make these packages for a dizzying number of considerations to juggle.

Also we will get experience of serve your customers tactically, giving them their meals in parts rather than all at once, so that you can spread your attention equally among your impatient players.  The game contains different customer types with different types of patience and different requirements with tasty food they love to eat and how many variety of dishes they’re going to order upon their favourite. Learning to identify these challenging task on sight is essential if you want to maximize​ your efficiency.

It’s a tough challenge, even in the tutorial stages, but luckily game Burger Shop 2 gives you boosts in the form of lollipops that you can dish out to prevent angry customers from leaving, dog biscuits that you can give to certain customers to make them satisfactory and even a little hovering robot called Burgerbot, whom you can use to fill an order for you whenever his energy bar is full

Game Burger shop is casual time-management games like diner Disha and cook, serve, delicious! you get gobble this up. Its a fun story and full of surprising amount of depth and challenge.

Whether or not you played the first Burger Shop, if you’re a fan of casual time-management games like Diner Dash and Cook, Serve, Delicious! you’ll gobble this up. Burger Shop 2 may not be the slickest game of its type, but it has a fun story and a surprising amount of depth and challenge.