When you are in commute or free in your house, you may play some games that are fun. But what if the game not only is fun, but also make you smarter by the day. Well we have an answer for that.

The Brain your math game has a fun way of improving your brain speed and also making math fun. For example, in this game , you need to tap the numbers in sequence of order under the time to be more efficient. If you get slow over the levels, the game ends giving you the final score. You can keep playing to improve your speed and also get the score every time you practice.

The game has various modes of math: Ascending, Descending, Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication. Which unlocks as the game progresses. Moreover you can also buy energies in case you run out of them.

We found the game to be more useful for kids to learn math and numbers and make them more smarter early on.

The game is available in both iOS and Android play store and for free as well. We loved the graphics and its gameplay and the game has good potential.

Download the game from below links and enjoy. And let us know your feedback .