When you find a game soo simple and minimal, but you get hooked over hours playing it. You got a game like Bing Bong!!!. Available on iOS stores.

The game has no multiple screens to bother you on the settings or any other stuff’s , but a plain minimal game concept that will keep you hooked for hours. Try playing it yourself.


The game launches with a play button on the center of the screen, on the game start , you just need to move the basket & collect the green balls falling from the top. But beware, random obstacles come in way to alter the direction of the falling green ball which makes it challenging to catch. The game is entirely physics based and holds some challenges on the movements.

Moreover with the oncoming red balls, the game gets even more challenging as you are not to collect the red ones in your basket. Sometimes we get both of them falling on the same path, for this , the best way is to use the sides and make them bounce to catch the green ones correctly on rebound.

We found the game to be very addictive and entertaining and all of us here loved it. The addition of volume control and a share option in the end of the game would take it to masses when users recommend & share with their friends.

Overall we give a thumbs up to the unique concept of Bing Bong. Hope to see it grow soon. We have included the link to the game below for you all to download and play.