Ever wondered what else can you play during these lockdown times. Played all the same old boring casual arcade or other games on the store. Why not test your Bible skills for a while and get enlightened or improve on it ?.



Well we got a app that can help you check just that. The most important part about the game is , it does not end if you enter a wrong answer, but allows you to retry. This can also help you check all the questions , without having to re test the old levels again. bible1

The game is a multiple choice question , having the correct answer among one of them. Your scores are stored as you progress in your game. When you complete, you get to evaluate your score and maybe improve on them too. As and when you go through the quiz, you get to learn from your mistakes and be better informed about the right answers.


We have played few levels of the game and enjoyed it, glad to say its a very simple and fun game, and achieves its purpose of making the player learn about the Bible , or maybe even inspire to read the Bible in his free time.


Its best if you can also get back to the bible and read once in a while, so you can not only crack this game faster, you also end up being more close to Jesus with the knowledge. Feel free to download this app as its completely FREE for download and play it NOW!!!