Bean Dreams By Kumobius complete Bean’s dream in his quest

Bean Dreams By Kumobius

Genre:Adventure & Action Developer:Kumobius

Bean Dreams developed by Kumobius is a colourful platformer game in which player takes control of a Mexican jumping beacn in his quest to conquer his dreams. Bean Dreams is a bright and semmingly breezy platformer, with shiny exterior lies a surprisingly challenging arcade experience.

Bean Dreams is a bouncing your way through fantastical landscapes defeating monsters, collecting glassy fruit and ultimately ridding the world of evil. Beans Dreams follows closely the footsteps of its predecessor Bean’s Quest, also adds enough new ideas that its not simply bouncling levels. this time Kumobius has updated three new worlds. These include two new ‘mainline’ worlds along the center level path in beach Bazzar2 and Brickworks 3 which goes along with a branch world in Fortune Fields 2.


While it follows many of the standard tropes and features of similarly attired platformers. Bouncing beany trying to complete the finish line in a few jumps as possible. By having a character that jumps on his own, players simply have to control Bean by touching one side of the screen or other to move in the proper direction. Each levels created are relatively bite-sized, But they offer multiple opportunities for collection and speed challenges.This impressive feature makes levels feel fresh and replayable as soon as they’ve been cleared for the first time. In each level you need to collect all the  fruits and the collection of the elusive Axolotl hidden in each level.

Beans Dreams has a plenty of content to offer all are divided by the worlds with their own unique beauty and mechanics. The impressive thing of playing Bean Dreams is jumping from one world to another this stuffs seems pretty amazing gives feels of retro-ispired environment are waiting

I found game’s levels are much easier to complete some of the challenges, but not to a degree where they’re necessarily easy,  but it’s a lot easier to start over and do a level over and over to complete the goal. some levels in game are more friendly for quick pick up andplay sessions. Its a significiant playable game where you are easily het lost in this game because there’s such a small amount of friction to play a stage. You have to notice the bounce counter because there is an optical number of bounces to achieve in each level, five medals to collect on each level one for collecting all the fruit, one for freeing the trapped axolotl, and three for hitting the bounce number but hitting is not a easy task how it seems.


Later these medals are used to unlock new sets of levels. And levels forces you to play cleverly more than once to get them all, but backtracking and perfecting your runs is gives bit tired feel. Working out on which corners you can cut and which monsters you need to bounce on, and which risks you need to take makes everything a remarkable game.

The controls in the game are remarkably smooth and fluid as well bouncing character gives weight to game.  The pixel art looks adorable on Retina displays. There’s ever-so-subtle visual effects that add nice flourishes to the game. There are some rhythm in most of the levels. Ands some difficulty spikes here and there.

Bean Dreams is best enjoyed through repeating stages and great challenging game due to unique games level and mechanic and developers are presented game in  great ideas and good presentation there’s plenty of things to do in Bean Dreams. you enjoy total 70 hand-crafted stages await you across 13 unique dreamy worlds