Match 4 available in Android, is a simple and fun take on the games in Match 3 genre with simple color matching technique. The game is super fun to play with well thought user interface and options to match the colors.


The gameplay starts with colors spawning randomly at the bottom. These need to be placed on the grids carefully as to complete a sequence of 4 or more same colored line either horizontally or vertically. When matched , the grids disappear making way for more  colors to come. The game gets challenging with every 5 seconds a new color is placed over the grid. This time limit makes you sometimes randomly place it in the grids and eventually you will run out of options.


The game has a range of upto 7 colors options of blue, green, garnet, lilac, yellow, black & green mosaic also with 4 different backgrounds of white, black, pink & cyan. So around 28 different combinations you can customize the game with.


Also what do you do when you run out of options or get frustrated to place the next color?. Well, now you have option of a power-up, a “Bomb”. The bomb clears the nearby grids in one blast , so you have the spaces free’d up again. These bombs are available in subscription basis with 1, 5, 10,50, 100 per game, and is available when you press pause during the game. The bomb is also available on watching a video ad for free!!!.


The fun thing about this game is you need to crack you head into making the perfect combination to free up as much space as possible for the next colors to come. This tests you logical skills and also gives you a fun pass time that you won’t even realize the time spent while playing.


So go enjoy the game with this amazing gameplay and levels, which will surely leave you happy. Download now with the link below.