The mendeleev chemistry homework is one of the best learning apps we reviewed so far with very good design elements and easy to use interfaces. The app makes learning fun with interactive chemical reaction animations and detailed information about each element in the periodic table.

Some of the features include:

  • Multiple language support with English, Romanian, German, Russian & French
  • Virtual Laboratory
  • Quick search section & clear information filtering
  • Downloading PDF for each chemical element
  • Presentation galleries & movie-clips
  • Clean design centered upon functionality

mendleev1The app opens up with a beautiful table with all the elements in one screen. Each selection of any element brings up the detailed screen with lot of information about the element and also multiple images of the real world representations.


The app also lists its electrical, physical, magnetic or reactive properties and much more data for each element when you select the info button. The app has lot of information stored in one compact package, hence its easier to complete your chemistry homework using this all in one app for element data.


 The app not only details the elements categorically, but it also interactively demonstrates a limited set if commonly used reactions between elements and its end result using a very live demo. The experiments button has few reaction examples with drag and drop functions for you to carry out the experiments and understand the results.

Overall the app is very useful for anyone learning chemistry and also a useful tool in completing ones homework. It facilitates easy learning and in depth understanding of each element in the periodic table and hence we vote it thumbs up.

Download the app now->appstore