More and more developers nowadays are starting to appreciate just how useful email marketing can be. In fact many are starting to build subscriber lists of their own, and using them to market the apps that they release to boost the number of downloads.

One of the more effective ways to showcase an app via email marketing is with an app trailer – but to take advantage of that you need to know how to include app trailer videos in your emails. That can be tricky, and there are several ways to do it:

  • Attach video files to emails

Although it may seem like the most obvious option, attaching video files to emails is actually the worst. If you try you may find that many of your emails bounce due to the attachment file size limitation of different email servers that can range from 10MB to 50MB.

Seeing as the video files for app trailers are often much larger than 10MB, this option is not ideal. That being said if you want to use it you will most likely need to compress the video with the right format and maybe even by reducing the video bitrate – both of which can affect the video quality of the trailer.

  • Link to external videos

A ‘safer’ way to include app trailer videos in email marketing is to simply add a link to an external video on your website, YouTube, or some other platform.

While you could use a text link, it may be better to add the link to an image instead. The image could be a mock-up of a video player with a ‘play’ icon on it, indicating that if viewers click the video will play.

One of the more recent trends is to use animated GIFs that mimic a ‘video preview’ instead of regular images. Although this may look more interesting, keep in mind that animated GIFs can have large file sizes.

  • Embed videos using HTML5

Technically it is possible to embed videos in email using HTML5, but the problem with that is the email client or platform that it is viewed on needs to support HTML5 video embeds.

As things stand very few email platforms support HTML5 video embeds, so using this option will mean that many recipients won’t be able to view your video. That problem can be mitigated by specifying a fallback that can be shown in place of the video if it isn’t supported – such as a text or image link.

Depending on the option that you choose you will want to carefully consider the format that your app trailer video is in. The safest format is generally MP4 with H.264, and you should definitely avoid more obscure formats.

For example you could use Movavi Video Converter to convert VOB to MP4 to prepare your app trailer for email marketing.

In any case between the options described above you should be able to settle on the best way for you to include app trailer videos in your email marketing. Make no mistake adding videos can help to increase both the open rate and conversion rate of emails, and it is definitely a good move if you want to convince as many of your subscribers as possible to download your app.