Five crowns if you search in the Apple app store , is one among the top games for Five crown you can find. Going by the first impression, the game looks very simple to play with its easy to use design. The developers also seem to be also working on lot of user feedback that they get in making it more fun to play with.


Coming to the game, it introduces new ways to meld cards and arrange your hands to make the game more fun and exciting. The easiest way to meld is to draw a line over the arranged cards and it automatically melds them in one shot. The game also offers a wild card protection to undo the accidental discards that can happen sometimes.


The online mode is fun to play with real time opponents with multiple game sessions at any time.You can keep switching between games with the easy and accessible interface and also nudge your opponents who don’t take their turns for over 24 hours. The game also has options to view completed game stats and have a rematch with the same person.


The game’s objective is to get the lowest number of points using the Five crown rules by melding the cards into Runs and Books . The rules of the game are easily explained in the tutorials section and How to play sections of the game. The game starts with the “opening” and each player getting a change to meld ‘books’ or ‘runs’ after picking and laying down a card. On the eleventh hand when the kings are wild, the player with he lowest total score of their cards, wins the game.


Coming to the controls , the developers have made a great effort in working on the feedbacks to improve the game by addition with swift controls for easy gameplay. You can drag and drop cards by using the long press and dragging it. Also melding has been a major improvement in the recent versions with various options during the game. You can now meld with the meld button and select the cards or alternatively draw lines over the cards and it will automatically meld the cards for you that have been touched.

You can play with your friends or family using the invite feature and start a closed match. Or you can also play with random people around the world. The offline mode enables to play without internet where you just need to pass the phones and play with each players turn. Whereas the computer mode has a very good AI that does a good job of giving you a proper match understanding your difficulty level. This is the mode you need to play if you are a beginner.


Overall we had fun time playing online with various random people and testing our skills. Try out this game and we promise it will easily get you hooked. We hope even you will enjoy this game as much as we did.