We all are living a very busy life and we find it really hard to get some time to entertain ourselves. But it is also very important to have some fun or else your life will become monotonous. Thus, to get a warp from the struggles of daily life, give some time to Dunk Tower and it will provide you entertainment, at least for a while.(Also, refer to GR best computers for Gaming accessories).


Everything about Dunk Tower

Well, it is a very simple game, specifically made for the iOS platform. All your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch are compatible with this game and it will run very smoothly on them. Just be sure of the fact that your iOS version must be 10.3 or above that. Also, the size of the game is only 165.2 MB and you can download it very easily. The game has lot of exciting levels and items packed over the size.
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How to play this game

You will love this game if you have love for basketball games as well as casual games. This game is the combination of both the genres. The game is amazingly addictive, stimulating and as well as incredible. All you have to do is to score baskets and overcome the challenges. But make sure of the fact that water is covering your tower and you have to do everything before the water reaches you. Also, you can collect some crazy skins of the basketball.

You need to score based on your finger taps under the time and for the amount of goals needed. The balls need to be tapped at the exact angle to score. You will get golden balls for a limited time which you need to score as well to gain additional coins.

These coins can be redeemed to buy collectibles and fun balls at the shop for you to have. Hence the game keeps you engaged throughout the levels of the journey with a vast collection of shop items.

What are the best parts about this game?

The best part about this game is that it has really easy controls, easy to learn, and you can compete with the players residing all around the globe.

The one and only con of this game is, it has infinite levels, which makes it monotonous after a certain time.

Overall the game is a new take on the basketball genre and keeps you hooked with its various rounds and variations in the levels. Also there are tons of collectible balls that you need to have and make the game complete.

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