We all are busy with our packed-up schedule and we rarely get any time to have some fun. But entertainment is also very important in our life for the sake of survival. Hence, spend some fun time by playing Captn Salmon and escape from the chaos of urban world at least for some moments in your life.

salmon1All you need to know about Captn Salmon

It is a game specifically made for the iOS platform. You can easily play this game in your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Just make sure of the fact that your iOS version is either 12.0 or later. The size of this game is only 179.4 MB and it is very easy to download.

captain salmon

How you can play this game?

This game is quite gripping and thrilling. Also, it is very easy to play this game. All you have to do is to swipe left and right in order to response to the demands of the citizens. There will be many citizens, who will be reasonable, and many will be non-reasonable. Your game will move forward according to your response and your results will be dependent on that. You will get to unlock some lost powers of Captn Salmon and can solve some interesting mysteries. Other activities include mission completion, meeting new characters, making a new sidekick, kicking out evil doers, falling in love, saving pets and many more.


You should try to stay in your various limits like money, heart, generosity etc. Even if you over do it , it can lead to death. So you may need to be an as***le sometimes to stay in the game. This game is hilarious and fun and takes you on an adventure over your journey through this game. Try not to die with various characters that come in the story. You can fall in love, save pets and animals, be a good or a bad super hero. Or just disagree to help anyone. Its all your way in the game. So try not to laugh and enjoy the game.

captain salmon imagesThe best part about this game is the thrilling factor. While playing this game, you will be lost in thrills of it. Also, the detailing and different layers of this game are also brilliant.

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