ELOH which everyone is fond of mobile puzzle games which is a understatment, as the genre has provided me with relaxation for uncountable hours of time.


Genre:Puzzle Developer:Broken Rules

everyone is fond of mobile puzzle games which is a understatment, as the genre has provided me with relaxation for uncountable hours of time. Despite the numerous titles I’ve ben through all seem to share common traits, which includes timed levels, opportunities to watch ads (even in paid games), and times of absolute frustration as a level cannot be passed for weeks at a time. But ELOH ($2.99) takes these puzzle conventions and throws them out the window, and the result is a soothing, sound-focused puzzle title featuring hand-painted visuals.

ELOH is themed of rainforest, due to the games animal spirits and sound the background sound cannot be ignored, not music, as the music is in the puzzle itself.The background sounds consist of birds chirping which is a great relaxation


The game uses sound forthe player to guide which answers the question and goal of the game is to get right sound to the correct endpoint, which displays various sounds being marked by different colors. In the starting you move spirit animals to guide the sound;and as the games complexity increases  news elements are introduced. Game is about finding the right correct angles, and having squares to indicate where the spirits can be moved is integral to the calming gameplay. If spirits were able to be moved anywhere, it would be far too open-ended.

These spirit animals are square tiles able to be move allover. There are several varieties, each with its own unique sound and look. They even have cute facial expressions which change gleefully as sound bounces around among them. These animals remind me of something that could be stacked in a totem pole, and these animals are truely showcased. Each tile in game is not just simple quare with a face, it’s a personality relating to the animal itself.. The first tile animal, resembles a sort of white chimp,s kind of goofy and clearly happy; the second is another sort of chimp, but with a much similar to  zen attitude that is reflected in its droopy eyelids and ajar mouth.


This is the fact that I instantly loved about ELOH the emotions that art and sound evoke. The sound match the animals. Example, the zen chimp’s drum sound is much lower compared to white chimp I mentioned has a more high-pitched drum sound when the beat bounces off of it, the sound isn’t just foranother layer of entertainment, it truly becomes integral to solving levels. When the level is done, the beat feels right, as though it’s bouncing off each negative thought in your mind and, in the end, reaching a happier place because of it.

The learning curve is gentle which starts with one animal. then count goes on then sliding switches are added, which is probably biggest difficulty jump as you learn to use the animals to place the sliders properly – but you will learn to operate the switches without spirited animals to place the sliders properly also you will learn to move stiches without animals making that level of learning quite simple still.  All movement happens with direct gestures and just by touching and draging the spirit to where you want it to go,  and that is where it will go. Even moving the spirits and switches seems very soothing in an surprisng and odd way. Nothing is made complicated even user interface is easy with only two option swipes and clicks neded to access old puzzles or restart the current

ELOH is a premium game, with a only one-time price and nothing much. You will never see an in-app ad, or receive an offer to watch one to receive an in-game bonus. Ads would, after all, remove the soothing element from the game: it’s not easy to feel stress-free and invested in a title when you need to watch an ad for a tactical war game or the like every five turns.