Dere Evil Exe A Self Aware 2D Platformer which Shatters the Fourth Wall to Bring the Player a Terrifying and Unorthodox Retro Style Game

Dere Evil Exe

Genre:Adventure Developer:AppSir Game

Game Dere Evil Exe developed by AppSir Games game is really complex one i have still haven’t made it all the way through to the end. Like many others players I too stuck at the same place in chapter three where the platforms have disappered and I need to make it across and continue on with the game.

So like players expectation game is an excellent and challenging 2D platformer game, with more features and elements you have come to expect from the platform genre, you jump, run, find your way through obstacles just like any other game of this kind. Game quickly pulled away from familiar comforts of your average platformer by changing the rules we all take for granted in this kind of game. Game picks up right where the original DERE .EXE left off. Starting out in a fresh new game, it gives you a cool new player, better controls, and the same questionable game design choices we all know and love… (Ok, one spoiler, Coins Kill You…!? Really!?)


The game isn’t meant for faint of heart or those who are easily get annoyed because be ready for die a lot. You will die in the same place hundreds of times and just when you finally make it past and you think YES YES YES, you are going to die before the next checkpoint and go back to that troublesome point you though you were done with. Best of luck with that, I really don’t know how you deal with the frustration of constant death, I make pretty pathetic sounds apparently, the puppy keeps trying to comfort me when I play.

The controls are basic and easy to understand, just like any other platform game, your right thumb to jump and your left thumb moves you in either direction while you tap with. The expected double jump is there to to help get past those extra long obstacles. The difficulty levels will rise with each chapter and before long you will wincing in frustration and thinking its just not possible to get through the current obstruction.

Game has a Artificial Intelligence for Dere Exe which offers great meta-humor with her helpful hints such as You will die”. A.I.D.E also tells you “Don’t collect the coins” and “avoid falling in the gaps. which of course you are going to ignore which gives the developer the opportunity to break the fourth wall for the first time with an I told you so. From here the fourth wall really ceases to exist at all, with both the dev and a seemingly malevolent presence called Yanna both wanting to control your actions. The dev wants you to ignore Yanna and finish the game, while Yanna wants you to stop playing, she worries you are playing right into the developers hands. Who is the real bad guy here? I guess we won’t really know until we finish the game.


This is really unique game with really something special and when combined with the retro styling of 16-bit classic platformers, non-existent forth wall and ambient music all these features make special game and draws you towards game and keeps you coming back again and  again. In all honesty, this is not the first game of this type, or even in this world, and while you can play Dere Evile Exe as a stand alone it does in fact have a prequel, Dere .Exe (not available on iOS).

Game itself is the third in a line of games set in the same world with Sorority Rites and The Last Yandere being the first two. Appsir games have really built a world made for horror, and it seems know exactly how to use this world to its best advantage. Unfortunately, only two of the games set in this world are available on iOS, I’d like to be able to add ′for now′ to that, but I have no idea if AppSir Games would ever consider developing iOS versions of the other two games.