Windrose is a sliding block style puzzle game that anyone can play, but only the skilled can master.


Game Windrose developed by Baris Araci which is a slide blocking style puzzle game were everyone can play easily, Those with tactful skill person can master it. If you already played games like Slaya, Red’s Kingdom, Camp , then you’ll enjoy Windrose: Origin as well.

Visually speaking Windrose has a minimalistic aesthetic design. Game has flat visuals and there ares some shadows that appear to give the tiles some depth which is a pseudo-3D and it also comprises of basic geometric shapes, like squares, circles and there is touch of particle effects that are displayed in the trail the Windrose leaves behind as it  move forward. The color palette is great, as it features a dark steel gray background with vibrant hues that contrast nicely against it. The typography is neat which wraps up all together nicely. Animations fluid and smooth with ni issues of lag on my iphone 8 Plus. The soundtrack is pleasant to hear, but it does get a bit repetitive after sometime also it bit boring without anty variety. Still, Windrose is a nice overall package in terms of visual and audio design.



Windrose is level-based game. And there are four chapters with about 16 stages each. Each level must be cleared before you can move on to the next level. There’s no way to skip a puzzle, also hints which helps you to reveal the solution to a puzzle. In windrose you can earn maximum upto three stars, which is dependent on the number of moves it takes you to solve it. The fewer, the better of course. However there are no move restrictoions so you can play games number of time of your wish also stars are important. Controls in the game are more simple just swipe in the direction windrose will move. it continues to slide across the board until it hits a square wall or tile. You have to collect all of the orange dots before the end portal opens up, and then getting to the doorway will reach your target. Since the windrose does not stop moving until it hits an obstacle, you must think strategically to get the circles and then to the end portal in as few moves as possible.



While Windrose is just fun and enjoyable to play. Which encourages problem solving and the fact that you don’t have to purchase more hints make the game more better. If you’re stuck then just get the solution without wasting more time.