No all mobile games hit every country across the world in one fell swoop. Some spend a good while in soft launch, doing the rounds in select regions so the developers can catch any bugs and glitches in their net and zap them ahead of the big, worldwide release.

Keeping a close eye on what’s at this stage in development is a good way of staying up to date with the future iOS and Android classics that are about to land in an app store near you, and here are the most exciting games in soft launch right now.

1.Space Pioneer

Genre:Adventure Developer:Vivid Games

A simple top-down shooter game with RPG players as an intergalactic bounty hunter,  and single stick shooter. The stick instructs you go around, and button to fire. And you to lock onto targets automatically, your shots hitting the foes around you so long as you’re in range. You’ve also got a bunch of interchangeable skills on cool downs. These let you chuck grenades, launch orbital strikes, drop turrets, and heal yourself. game offers you substance, as an exploration and discovering new worlds will also be high on your agenda, though not quite as high as gunning down anything that looks at you funny



2.Monopoly Towns

Genre:Adventure Developer:Backflip Studios

The board game that made tophats and irons trendy has spawned a mobile spinoff in the shape of Monopoly Towns, a game which throws everything from its source material out, besides the town-building aspects. It’s basically an accessible take on the Sim City formula with heightened social elements and no risk of going to jail.




Genre: Adventure Developer:Rayark International Ltd

Game Sdorica developed by Rayark International’s is a role-playing and matching puzzle game. In the game you spent mostly on the story mode, also you can enjoy training quests, ability and region exploration missions. However, regardless of which mode you play, the setup is still the same. You pick your favorite team from your available roster (characters can be unlocked through the story or earned from gacha pulls), and then head into battle.

Sdorica whisks players away to a rich fantasy world where they’ll be solving puzzles one minute and taking on role-playing challenges the next. Still not convinced? You will be after you’ve feasted your eyes on the stunning animation this one boasts.




4.Quest Hunter

Genre:Adventure Developer:Zombie Games

Quest Hunter boasts a unique story driven RPG game with weapons, collecting material, crafting and humor also there’s randomly generated dungeons, skill trees to climb and all that jazz which all together sounds spectacular. I really love these stories which is well developed , and written characters, if humors tacked along too then that’s extra points, but its sharp narrative focus really sets it apart from the competition.

I really pay attention to stories in games because I believe that they’re vital to my enjoyment. what caught my eyes is a booted into the game was how Quest Hunter has a very particular visual aesthetic, cartoony with bold dark lines around every object. . One thing I will compliment Quest Hunter on is the absolutely fantastic character portraits. They look really cool and while the writing did lack during the dialogue scenes, it was still nice to look at the character art.




5. Guardians: A Torchlight Game

Genre:Adventure Developer:Perfect World Games

Game is developed by Perfect World Games which is a Action-RPG series Torchlight which sealed down for mobiledevices, but this challenging game strives to offer something close to the full-fat experience PC players have been enjoying for more than a decade. It might be free-to-play, but Perfect World, while a regular publisher of MMOs, doesn’t do free-to-play exclusively. Games allows you to experience dungeon crawling aplenty, weird and wonderful pets to rear and co-op to sink your teeth into.




6.Temple Run: Treasure Hunters

Genre:Adventure Developer:Scopely

game is developed by Scopely which is  about treasure Hunters is a spinoff which sees the franchise make strides into match-3 puzzler territory, and you can plunder it right now if you happen to live in Australia or the Philippines.




7.Might & Magic: Elemental Guardians

Genre:Puzzle Developer: Ubisoft

Ubisoft has several impressive ooking mobile games in soft launch right now, and most of them are franchise fodder. Might & Magic: Elemental Guardians is a squad battler entry to the long-running fantasy series in which players assemble of five heroes, kit them out and pit them against waves upon waves of enemies.




8 Emerge

Genre:Puzzle Developer: Gram Games

Game Emerge developed by Gram Games which is addictive puzzle game which is really a time pass throws a waiting room stay or a public transport journey at you. Emerge is a exciting game from Gram Games and it keeps its word a gentle learning curve and fiendishly compelling match-up gameplay.




Genre:Arcade Developer:Terry Cavanagh

Game vvvvvv developed by Terry Cavanagh  which is a dungeon type RPG set in a maze like dimension somewhere far out in a space. Your aim in a game is to explorevdungeons in search of your lost crew who were randomly teleported when your ship collided with some unidentified “turbulence. You do lots of exciting stuffs like  shoot-em-up where you can’t shoot, but VVVVVV works surprisingly well. Instead of leaping over obstacles, players flip the world upside down with a tap of the screen. If there’s a pit of spikes in your way, the path to progression is dancing on the ceiling. Well, walking, but you get the picture.

With its gravity-bending mechanics, Terry Cavanagh’s indie gem pits platform fans against unique challenges. What’s more, the ZX Spectrum-esque visuals give VVVVVV a retro edge.



10.Battlelands Royale

Genre:Arcade Developer: Futureplay

Brace yourself for non-stop carnage as Futureplay presents you a crazy twist to the ever popular Battle Royale game. The fight for survival begins yet again as you parachute into a stranded land, and fight to be the last man standing. It’s none other than Battlelands Royale!. Futureplay’s Badlands Royale is a casul entry to the genre in which players fight to the death with 23 others in a gradually-shrinking arena. Snap it up now if you’re in Poland, Finland or the Ukraine.