Tired of all the boring puzzle games which tells you to connect dots and repetitive patterns? Then you could try out the new Android game named Dots Blob which the makers claim will raise your expectations a notch higher. It promises to be an epic puzzle game complete with puzzles, challenges and a whole lot of entertainment. But does that game really live up to all the hype? Let us find out.


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How to play the game?

The instructions are similar to any other dots game you have played before. It is the same old game where you have to find dots which match in colour and connect them using one line without releasing your finger. You will collect more points as long as you keep drawing. There are many levels which comes with a certain goal which you have to achieve in order to move to the next level and earn more points.



What to expect from this game?

The design is very neat and clean to start with and the makers have topped it with a very user-friendly interface. The gaming is very easy to learn and you can start off right away after installing this game to your device. The challenges you face are quite different and also quite difficult in many cases. The difficulty level increases as you move ahead and you may find yourself failing in many attempts to pass a certain level. There are a number of power-ups and boosters such as extra draws and extra score and extra time.

The graphical effects as well as the sound effects are of superior quality. The gaming environment is also attractive which makes it quite easy to get addicted to this simple game. There is also a leaderboard feature which will bring out the competitiveness within you and urge you to play more and score more with each game.



Website: http://www.pauk.dk/