For anyone who wants to escape from the dreary everyday life play this unusual game with just your eyes. Yes, if you own a product of Apple then make sure you have the time of your life playing this new and exciting game.


Know a little about AR Fly.

AR Fly is an app that is Argumented Reality based and is designed using Apple’s ARKit. Play this game by simply blinking your eyes. This game uses the technology of iPhone X to detect the expressions of your face by using its front facing camera. In a world where you have come across a lot of games this one right here will take you to whole new adventure by simply using your facial expressions, that too only the blinking of your eyes.


How to play this game

 This game doesn’t have a lot of layers. All you have to do is pass a flying object through the rings ahead of you to score points. You have to keep blinking at the right time. AR Fly can be played with other gamers and the Game Centre’s board for leadership also allows you to compare your score with others.

What did we like about this game?

 The game is unique in its approach by using the technology to a whole new level. You will be able to pass your time without having to move an inch. Although it uses the technology of iPhone X it can be played on other devices by using the UI interface. Tap it and you will be good to go.


What did we not like about this game?

 There were not many negative points about the game since it offers a unique one of a kind experience, but  AR Fly being easy to control and simple to play doesn’t tingle the senses of gamers who would like a little more thrill in their virtual gaming world.


Overall we recommend you to download this game try for yourself to get your friends amazed by playing with your eyes blinking using your iPhone X. Dont forget to comment below to let us know what you liked about the game.