No all mobile games hit every country across the world in one fell swoop. Some spend a good while in soft launch, doing the rounds in select regions so the developers can catch any bugs and glitches in their net and zap them ahead of the big, worldwide release.

Keeping a close eye on what’s at this stage in development is a good way of staying up to date with the future iOS and Android classics that are about to land in an app store near you, and here are the most exciting games in soft launch right now.

1.Winions: Mana Champions

Genre:Puzzle Developer:Fuero Games Sp. z o.o.

game Winions:mana champions developed by Fuero Games  which is another new addition  to the increasingly-crowded card battler space, but this one has some cool features like novel traps and base defending elements, also there are dragons too.



2.Word Domination

Genre:Puzzle Developer:MAG Interactive

As well as being a delicious play on words, Word Domination lets you have endless fun with them too. Basically, it’s Scrabble reinvented for the tablet and smartphone generation. What more do you want from a word-based game?. Here no more waiting for your opponent to make a move, see tiles being played on the board while you plan your next move.

Game has offered you incredible collection of boosters which can be used to get an edge on your opponent.



3.World of Evolution

Genre:puzzle Developer:Dikobraz Games

Game developed by Dikobraz Games. Here is a new game to play god without any of the disasterous consequences the movies have led us to believe that would result in. Its called World of Evolution and its lets you create everything from trees to mountain and then a Civilisation of people to inhabit the world you’ve developed.



4.Sun City: Green Story

Genre:Puzzle Developer:Plarium LLC

Game Sun City developed by Plarium LLC is an eco alternative to SimCity, not that the EA series is in any way bad for the environment. To be in brief it tasks players with building an environmentally-friendly metropolis but that isn’t the only string to its bow. Sun City  is also a match three puzzler and the city building ties in directly with this side of the game.

Now its your city- so your duty to complete citizen’s needs and keep them happy, by taking right project work to complete the task and choose from hundreds of unique decorations to create the best and most eye-catching eco-city ever.



5.Soap Dodgem

Genre:Arcade Developer:Zsolt Fabian

This is really funny yep, somebody actually made a bathroom-cleaning simulator, but don’tworry, it’s a lot more fun than scrubbing the toilet. There’s also more beyond scraping away evil mildew with finger swipes but its 100 levels should keep you busy for a while. In the game your task is to help your happy soap friends get back to their soap holders and clean as many mold creatures on the way as you can.




Genre:Puzzle Developer:Thoughtfish GmbH

Enter Fightlings: The Card Game, a living card game that combines  combat and CCG deckbuilding with the memory matching card games you played as a child. The Fightlings card game is the culmination of two years work in conjunction with their Pokémon Go-esque mobile game of the same name (not yet available in America).

Fightlings has joined a growing list of favorite games that targets to get players up off the sofa and out into the real world. Thoughtfish’s card battler does this with location-based features, such as collectible soul fragments that can only be obtained by venturing outside. Some only appear in specific locations and others at certain times of the day.




Genre:Arcade Developer:Kwalee

Skidz is a humble driving game in which you guide your car around a winding track with a series of swipes and taps. It might sound simplistic, but a more accurate way to describe it is insanely challenging and fiendishly compelling.



8 Spellsouls: Duel of Legends

Genre:Strategy Developer:Nordeus

Spellsouls is a free-to-play mobile game that combines the intense combat of MOBAs with the deckbuilding of collectible card games. You can choose one of the three powerful Spellcasters collecting them in combat to take down enemy minions and towers while defending your own. Part MOBA, part card battler, Spellsounds:Duel of Legends sees players amass all-powerful decks of cards before sending their forces out to battle in three-minute PvP contests. As usual leaderboards to scale and high-end graphics are treat to the eyes




9.Candy Crush Friends Saga

Genre:puzzle Developer:King

Candy crush saga is a match 3 puzzle  game played on Facebook.Its free, but players can spend real-play real-world money to buy extra moves and power-ups and to instantly unlock new episodes. these offer’s are  pop up frequently. players are regularly prompted  to invite friends into the game, share status updates on Facebook, and ask friends for help.

Also fun part is you can be forgiven for losing track of how many entries there have been in the Candy Crush series, developer is planning et another helping for the sweet-toothed among us. So what’s new this time? Well, Friends Saga includes revamped 3D visuals and four new game mode, just for starters.



10.Brawl Stars

Genre:Arcade Developer :Supercell

Brawl stars is a team top-down shooter at heart, mixed in with the sort of progression and loot boxes you’ve come to know and love/hate from both Clash games. plus point is here There’s no timer to open a loot box, and there is no “time to build” mechanic. The only thing time limited factor is on how many coins you can earn from a given match type before it changes maps is (which happens daily). And since coins are what you use for loot boxes, and loot boxes get new heroes upgrades, skins well…

A top-down MOBA game with eSports potential, Brawl Stars groups players into groups of three and pits them against each other in a variety of objective-based contests. Customise your characters, level up along the way and rack up the kind of body count Black Panther’s Killmonger would be proud of.




11 Master of Eternity

Genre:Arcade Developer :NEXON Company

game developed by NEXON plus the best mobile  game with simple technique  Scott Rombach’s iOS offering Griddler is testament to that. This grid-based casual title is all about high scores and accessibility and its randomly-generated levels will keep your digits bust indefinitely.

The gameplay is straightforward, with a battlefield for players to maneuver their mechas. players will coddle in turn-based combat in the game where they will use the unique pixies,and mechas o eliminate the enemy. The catch here is that to rewards from the battles, you have to wipe the enemy out within a number of turns.



12. Griddler

Genre:Arcade Developer:Scott Rombach

The best mobile puzzlers are usually the simplest ones and Scott Rombach’s iOS offering Griddler is testament to that. This grid-based casual title is all about high scores and accessibility and its randomly-generated levels will keep your digits bust indefinitely.

Race against the clock as you compete against players from around the world for the fastest times per gridsize.