The Unconscious Wife has been developed by the N86 group and is a free Android role-playing game which lets you take a break from your mundane life and unravel the story of The Unconscious wife. As you go along to know the story and satisfy your curiosity, it presents to you an opportunity to discover the Sherlock Holmes which is hidden in you and solve the mystery in order to find a solution to the paradox of time in which everyone has been trapped.



What made us feel vow?

It is a game which is very easy to play and has the ability to keep the interest of the players alive throughout through the interactive mini-game puzzles to navigate through the story as the player progresses forward. It is highly interactive and tells a story of over 50 pages i.e. 20000 + words through the real-life images which put life into the story and brings it alive. The music and the sound effects which have been embedded throughout the journey will simply leave you flabbergasted. What else we loved about The Unconscious Wife was that it is free to download and happens to be compatible with all of your devices too.

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What was not so good about this app?

Although it is compatible with all the devices, it is yet not available on iOS and even for Android, it requires a version of 4.0.3 and up and it requires a lot of space on the device i.e. 65.42 MB and we are, of course, skeptical if everyone will be comfortable with these constraints or not. Also, once you are through the whole story, this app and the game loses its interest and leaves the player with no choice than to replace it with a newer one. Regular updates and new additions can keep the spirit of this game alive.