Num Yumms is a cute and endearing mathematical puzzle game that’s friendly enough for the entire family.

Num Yumm

Genre:Puzzle Developer:The Paper Robot

Num Yumms (Free) by The Paper Robot is a cute puzzle game about numbers and hungry little monsters. If you enjoyed other mathematical puzzle games like the classic Threes! and Mesh, and like seeing adorable critters, then Num Yumms could be your next time killer.

Life’s been getting pretty hectic for me lately, with several life things that are stressing me out immensely. When I need a break from everything, I like to just cuddle up in a corner on the couch and fire up some game on my iPhone to pass the time and forget about things for a while. My genre of choice for these moments is usually puzzle games, since they tend to keep my mind stimulated and I have a good time. As I was perusing the App Store this week in search of something new, I stumbled on Num Yumms and I couldn’t resist. When there are charming and endearing little monster critters, how do I say no?


Visually, Num Yumms has a simple and clean design that is reminiscent of Threes, which seems to have inspired many games. While Num Yumms is supposed to be 2D, the Num Yumm pieces and numbered candy tiles have some depth to them, so it seems closer to pseudo-3D, if anything. The game uses a fantastic mix of bright and vibrant hues that contrast nicely with the soft blue glow of the grid background. There are many different types of Num Yumms, and each one has their own unique and distinctive appearance, but they’re all equally lovable. Animations are smooth and fluid, with no issues of lag or choppiness on my iPhone 8 Plus. Num Yumms also has an upbeat and quirky soundtrack that is rather delightful. To top off all of the cute going on here, the sound effects are fun and add more personality to the monsters.

There’s only one game mode in Num Yumms, and it’s perfect for those moments when you have time to spare. It’s a high score chaser, and after every run, you’ll know you can do better (or so you think) and therefore the replay value is pretty good. The goal in the game is to feed the Num Yumms candy, which is spread out all over the grid.

The number on the Num Yumm shows how much candy they can have, and the numbers on the candy pieces indicate the value of that piece. Each Num Yumm only gets five turns to reach their target goal, after which you get a new Num Yumm to feed. If you’re under or over after five moves, then you lose a turn, which is shown at the top. If you’re out of turns or there are no more moves to be made, then it’s game over. Your score is a combination of the number of candies eaten and eggs hatched.

SS-55-4Controls in Num Yumms are a simple affair. Just swipe up, down, left or right to have your Num Yumm move one space. You can only move on the squares with candy tiles on them, and make sure you reach the target number on the Num Yumm, otherwise you lose a turn. Some spaces will have walls blocking them, and other candies may make you lose a turn or shuffle the board, so options may be limited. The game requires you to plan out your moves carefully, and make sure that your math adds up.

Since Num Yumms is a free game, there are video ads that play every now and then between rounds. You can get rid of ads through an in-app purchase of $1.99. As you play and discover new Num Yumms, you can view your collection by tapping on the egg in the top right corner.

The Good

Num Yumms is an entertaining way to pass the time. It’s full of cute critters with delightful sounds, and the gameplay makes you think. While it seems like a simple concept at first, it’s surprisingly in-depth with the math and requires some planning ahead. You also need to keep an eye out for special candies, since they can affect the turn pretty drastically if you’re not too careful


The Bad

 While it’s a simple high score chaser that’s bound to provide some fun, I do wish that there were more game modes. Perhaps a puzzle mode, or even time attack would be fun additions. It’s a solid game, but more modes would add some more variety. I mean, it does get a bit repetitive at the moment


The verdict

I’m a big fan of puzzle games, even if there’s numbers involved, and I think Num Yumms is a great addition. The visuals, especially the monsters, are cute and charming. The sound design is well done as well. Controls are simple and easy to learn, making this a family-friendly game for everyone to enjoy. The ads are not too intrusive since they don’t interrupt current games, but the option to get rid of them is available if they bother you. I just hope to see more modes added in the future, as it would keep the game fresh.