Introduced on 14th February 2018 by Pham My Man, Sprint Hero is going to be the next Fruit Ninja for you. Simply designed for you to kill your time, we are sure that fans of both Fruit Ninja as well as Candy Crush will love this game. The point of this game is simple – get your cute little, cape-wearing panda to sprint through the landscape and cut up as many fruits as you can without falling down. You can keep buying fruits the more you progress with each level, and what feel will keep the players coming back is the fact that every single week, you get to move on to another level.

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What wowed us?

The feature we absolutely adore about this game is that how easy it is to play and the user interface happens to be so simple! The graphics are more cartoonish than you would expect, but we love it. However, we also feel that in some of the segments, the texture needs a little bit more work. What we also loved about Sprint Hero is that it can be played on a lot of platforms, and happens to be compatible with your iPad, iPhone as well as iPod touch. Also, it is free to download, and the funky music goes extremely well with the gameplay.


What left us feeling blah!

Sprint Hero does tend to get a little bit repetitive at times, which is why we think that it could do with a serious multiplayer option right now. But our main issue arises from the fact that for a game that is simplistic and straightforward, it does certainly take up a lot of space on your device, 33.1 MB to be specific. We’re not sure if everyone would be comfortable with that.