Alto’s Odyssey is an incredibly beautiful endless runner with intriguing progression systems. Alto and his friends have moved from snowboarding mountains to sandboarding dunes.

Alto’s Odyssey

Genre:Puzzle Developer:Team Alto

Game Alto’s Odyssey developed by Team Alto  the game seems to be similar to first i.e Alto’s Adventure. Here its a standalone infinite runner experience.Here you control Alto or several other characters  on a sandboard as they go through desert environment. here sandboarding is a real thing, also awesome. To perform backflips tap and hold on the screen and safely land on your flips in order to not crash. When you land a flip you’ll gain a speed boost and chain together a bunch of tricks, like multiple grinds and flips in order to benefit bigger boost. In the you cann’t flip forward, so you need to let go and hope land cleanly on your board. Timing your flips is key to success in game.

Alto’s adventure was that it was a backflipping endless runner like Ski-Safari its really beautiful. Game Alto’s Odyssey attempts to one-up Adventure in terms of creating a min-blowing atmosphere. The game introduces a stunning environment with their own elements to recognize them, and providing unique flavour to each run, and create some gorgeous worlds. IN the game for few runs you might wind up in one biome, before you eventually start to end up in other biomes. Alto’s Odyssey you enjoy gorgeous world with the day-night cycle  and storm add variety to each run you can even enjoy the landscapes without any fear just play the Zen Mode and pick back up whenever you crash


The movement mechanic adds a great new aspect to chaining together tricks and in mainting and developing speed throughout your runs. Which is a greatest entertainment for Alto’s Odyssey the sense of feeling like your exploring a new world with expectation of going to newer worlds. I do really like that the elder from Alto’s Adventure returns in a sense in Alto’s Odyssey, but lasts a much shorter amount of time.

The game introduces multiple playable characters, which should be called as Maya’s Odyssey, because she remains the superior character in the Alto franchise and in the game successfully landing backflips is a lot tougher. I do understand that Maya’s Odyssey teaches players to learn how to to backflip and to make smart decisions. And game makes you experience less frustrating with Maya and her ability to flip quicker than Alto can. Its very easy to pick up speed with Maya because you can make more backflips with Maya than you can with Alto’s Adventure. But much like in Alto’s, I find my self sticking with her.

Altos-Odyssey.jpg1I wish to buy the wingsuit earlier on game than it is avialable, were its possible if game awarded coins more quickly. In fact, it feels like it’s quite possible to out-progress the game to a certain extent, and then it becomes about the grind to get more coins to unlock the wingsuit. The Wingsuit is a great fun and unique part of the Alto experience. And I wanted it badly, wish it was a bit more accessible to unlock. That’s why other games include IAp for more coins, and I I’d have paid to unlock the wingsuit faster. Game’s makes you feel that Alto’s Odyssey is similar to the first game did. The new things are introduced are welcome but still it feels like this won’t change anyone’s opinion on the series, makes players happy

Snowman character gave Alto’s Odyssey  the full complement of iOS features,  adding Apple TV compatibility and iCloud support. The game works better with siri remote, were its nice just sit back on the couch and relax that way. The physics require here an adaption period which they feel great at time. And the game attempts to its progress and establish new elements makes it a fascinating experience to play over time, If i wish bit faster or was more generous  with coins.

If you never played Alto’s Adventure and want an incredibly beautiful endless runner with intriguing progression systems, get Alto’s Odyssey.