The game is about a dog digging for an endless number of bones while facing off against weird demon creatures, embrace the ridiculousness, even to a subtle degree!.Bone Hunt is an enjoyable challenge, a solid pick-up-and-play roguelike platformer that will really test you


Developer:Rusty Moyher Genre:Adventure

Dig Dog game developed by Rusty Moyher which is roguelike platformer game if you have  already played games like Doug Dug and Downwell. You would really enjoy game Dig Dog. Here you play as a dog which will go to the ends to get as many bones as possible, were the in the ends of game full of weird demon creatures and spikes. I am a huge dog lover, tell me is there any cuter than a dog and their bone? nah.. The way those players out there who enjoy getting tested by games will like this, as its a highly developed platform with very simple but effective visual style.

In Dig Dog,  The way that they like to take their bone, find a spot in the dirt and then start digging a hole to bury it in for later, it really is great to see. In order to start game player has to jump, then hold the jump to dig downward slowly, and continuously tap to dive and dig fast.  Every action what dog does requires jumping and attempting to see vertically as to move on. Lovely dog can air dash by holding right or left and hitting jump. And some enemies have spikes on them,  and the air dash is the only way to bring them out. Game gives only two chance, along with the limited invincibility time, means you have to be really smart to handle danger with a plan.

Dig-Dog2Dig Dog is vicious, but not in an unfair sense. It just doesn’t give the player much jiggle room for failure. Any bad decision, any mistake  that gets punished by the game. Doing well in the game is only descend when it’s definitely safe. The Dog can bop most enemies on the head,  but in general, something with pure height advantage will lead to the player taking harm…and then its closer to death. Timing elements here you can air dash near the ground to take out an enemy on the same plane as you, and here in game you have choices to play in two modes Bone Hunt or Free Dig. In Bone Hunt think it like a  roguelike treasure hunt. Player will be digging through a total of four different worlds, and each one has a handful of stages to go through and digging quickly downward through the ground feels good, with the correct amount of screenshake. The air dash is totally fun the way it makes dog move sideways not only serves a functional purpose (as it does attack two tiles vertically), but also adds a little bit of comedy scene to the game.

The game  is all about you digging for a endless number of bones while facing off against weird demon creatures, embrace the ridiculousness, even to a subtle degree!. After you find the white bone. You move on to the next stage. But you must watch out for saw blades or fall to the bottom of the pit. you will end up dying a lot. Always avoiding threats is a good idea. After playing continues you gain extra coins by  risk-taking. Take out a bunch of enemies at once with either consecutive bopping  or air dash without touching the ground, and the game grants extra coins. If you want to buy power-ups buy items in the early levels because its cheaper and easier and the powerups can help out a lot. In fact even I did experiment on early stages and getting good at them just to figure out which power-ups are good. But later, the the game never is “easy” at any point in Bone Hunt, so it’s just about building up patience and skill to do well. Relentlessly trying to get as far as possible means you’ll be working with your games basic abilities through some of the most troublesome portions of the game.

Dig-Dog1Dig Dog game mechanics are designed well enough that failure feels like its my fault, not the game. It features a super simple and classic 8-bit aesthetic that any old-school gamer will cherish In terms of graphics and typeface game feels lot like original Super Mario Bros. The color scheme is mindblowing as he earth is black and the backgrounds are vivid hues and bright, and developer designed The monochromatic visual style so that enemies can hide in the world, but this is an intentional effect. It’s a simple but slick look for the game. Animations are smooth and fluid, with no lag or choppy frame rates on my iPhone 8 Plus. The chiptune soundtrack is fun to listen to, as well as the digging sound effect.

For me, Dig Dog is what I want to play. Even when I do zonk out to play a game somewhat mindlessly, I still like a sense of progression, which is why Desert Golfing‘s innate pointlessness never did anything for me. I love at roguelikes, when I do really better. And thankfully, Dig Dog does give the player milestones to go after with progression, especially as future checkpoints are earned by reaching them multiple times. Dig Dog is an enjoyable tough, a solid pick-up-and-play roguelike platformer that will surely test your patience and thrill continues. If you’re ready to die a lot, and git gud, well, Dig Dog is the game for you.