The makers of Love you to Bits have created another charming game ‘Bring you Home’. Help Polo Rescue his kidnapped pet in Bring You Home

Bring You Home

Genre:Puzzle Developer:Alike Studio

Bring You Home developed by Alike Studio. If you have enjoyed games like Stagehand and Splitter Critters then you would absolutely love the game what Bring You Home has to offer. In the game you don’t control the characters instead levels themselves. Puzzle games provide you relaxing and stimulating, at the same time keep you mind sharp and busy. Usually puzzle game repeat the same concept over and over again. But Bring You Home is unique which brings a special puzzle experience which is sure that delight. Bring You Home comes from the developer of fan-favourite, Love You to Bits.


In Bring You Home, players will get unique experience about the story of Polo an alien hero, who traverses the galaxy  to rescue his kidnapped favorite pet by following a series of portals that the kidnappers left behind. Every level you play game takes you to new world can be found through each portal, and this way Polo will continue in challenging journey until he recovers his friend. In the game when you cann’t control the charter, you just manipulate the environment by sapping panels, similar to the pretty FRAMED game. It start off the game with with two cloaked figures appear through a mysterious portal and dognap his beloved friend! Hero jumps out the window in an attempt to chase after them and fails. S now game always you to rewind time and cycle through different panels to find one that would allow him to chase them through the portal. In this case, it’s putting a wagon of hay below his window to break his fall.

brongIn each level, you can take your own time to experience with panels, but as you make your way through the the game’s forty-seven unique levels, the mechanics are mixed up a bit. Initially you can only swipe downwards to change the panel, but soon enough you’ll be introduced with pretty new mechanics, you’ll be able to swap panels side-to-side. Later two mechanics were combined for even more challenging and mayhem, allowing you to move them both vertically and horizontally. And few minutes later you’ll have multi-step puzzles that let you pause after the first section and then make another change. These beautiful mechanics you gonna enjoy as you utilize wherever its needed this is how charm and fun comes for the game

If you love to make experiment with each game level, there are fifteen collectibles found in the form of photos and handful of hidden achievements that you only get by taking a route different from the intended one. I really love the challenging task in the game , though its little tricky that exploration is a reward in itself here. This one is really a gem game for me the cliche holds true that it’s the journey, not the destination, that matters. There is sudden twist in the game at end t I wouldn’t brush it off as unimportant. Bit if you notice your journey in this adventure game things like Polo losing his tiny hat every time some creature eats him (spoiler: he gets eaten a lot). There’s even one level where you have about five different magic wands you experiment with it just to see what they really do. There are instance like Point one at a mirror and you’ll shrink yourself and get grabbed by mouse. Another will bring a skeleton to life, who’s very angry at you for some reason. If this game doesn’t put big smile on face, I don’t know what will. It’s just so mindblowing.

 mainAs you move to next level game’s complexity increases, I feel game really lacks in mechanics and challenges, its more like makes up for in creativity, discovery, and just pure fun. If you just attempt to end the levels, you’ll finish it pretty quickly. But take your time to enjoy all the failure animations they added and that’s where  you’ll find the real environment. One level has a slot machine with three panels you can be cycled through five times. Panels form beautiful combination of animation for you like transportation, figures and elements many more. You end up demon driving an armored car or clown riding a flaming bird. If you spend so much time trying to figure out the different possibilities believe me you will be able to see more things.

Visually speaking Bring You Home is charming and beautiful game. Everything is rendered in 2D with a cartoonish art style which makes you think of cartoon Network Shows also there is nice bit of depth to the backdrops and environments in the foreground. Game comes into life with character models which are cute and bursting with their own personalities. The colors are appealing to the eyes with its bold and vibrant hues which truly pop on Retina screens. Animations are fluid and smooth, with no issues or choppy frame rates on my iPhone 8 Plus. The atmospheric piano soundtrack is whimsical, emotional, and soothing. The sound effects are a nice touch as well, as it brings some comic relief to the game.