Ruya a charming puzzle game flaunting lovely, simplistic art with gentle animations and a relaxingly meditative soundtrack. The puzzle-solving gameplay is a twist on the classic connect-three puzzle mechanic


Genre:Puzzle Developer:Miracle Tea Studios 


Ruya game developed by Miracle Tea studio is a soothing puzzle game which is perfect to unwind after long day. If you already love games like Campfire cooking, PUSH and ERMO then you would definitely love Ruya game. When I’m feeling devastate, I love to relax and play some puzzle games. Because they are stimulating and relaxing. So when I saw Ruya in the beginning I knew this was something special I need to try

Visually speaking Ruya is a mindblowing with clean and simple design. Game is rendered in 2D, with superb backgrounds. The settings of Ruya takes place to the dreamland, where you able to enjoy variety of surreal landscapes. The color palette in Ruya ranges with mix of bolder hues and soft pastels that exhibits nice contrast with the darker background shades. The ambient soundtrack is tranquil with nature sounds, such as snow, rainfall, wind so its ultimate scenic beauty experience. The sound effects as you connect the pieces together are also soothing.  Like many other puzzle game Ruya is level-based with eight chapters  and eight levels each. In early stage you can watch Ruya’s story, later unfolds as you make progress.


Trust me you really gonna enjoy the game every minute. Each puzzle must be finished before players can move on the next one, so it’s fairly linear. And game system doesn’t support hints either, but players will experience the great relaxation due to its atmospheric design. Also game doesn’t provide star system, impose a time limit, points well this is a great chance to play at your own pace. The only limitations is the number of moves you’re allotted per stage still you can clear the stage. As you move higher levels the puzzles will be more challenging, but  can be solved with a few attempts.

The procedure to play the game. Every stage features a different layout on the grid, and there will be some colored pieces to play with. If a piece is in a bubble, that means it takes two matches to clear it out, and the bubble nets you some extra moves, which is very helpful in future. On the board you have colored characters to match with game pieces. A number on them indicates the amount of colored pieces you need to complete the puzzle and at the character with lady Ruya appears and will add more pieces to the board when necessary, this can be done by tapping on an empty space to add a piece. There are also hints which instructs about pattern to match, when you connect like-colored pieces together for it to count. You can easily connect pieces together,  use the finger to trace a line through the pieces you wan to use.

Ruya is a extraordinary gem of a puzzle game for those seeking a zen-like experience. The game features endearing and adorable graphics which are colorful aesthetic. The sound design id neatly choreographed, adding an extra layer to the overall mood of the game. I truly recommend grabbing Ruya gameif you’re a fan of peaceful and relaxing puzzle games. Also game is excellent with more challenging enough for those seeking something more stimulating.