Fireworks are built to explode, but what if you found them sentient? I guess you are thrilled at the prospect of a noisy demise,  rail against it? The game casts you as an endless line of anthropomorphic firecrackers, all out on a mission to find a way to not explode.

It’s Full of Sparks

Genre:Puzzle Developer:Noodlecake Studios

Game Its full of Sparks developed by Noodlecake Studios and Dabadu Games a fast-paced platformer game which will have you inspecting life at the end of it. Developers made a game full of sparks, creative ideas and very large quantity of charm from start to end. Game perfectly suits your iPad with its simplicity and solid central premise, and innovative level design

The game is rendered in a 3-dimensional puzzle with beautiful, crisp architectural structures your goal is to help your firecrackers get past whatever obstacles stand in your way, and jump into ocean before its too late. Player’s lifespan is your time limit, so need to move fast as you can in order to get past all the deadly obstacles before your player explodes. When you’re put in control of one firecracker initially you run left to right. Later you’re introduced to green, yellow and red environment changing glasses, which conceals and conjure up similar colored obstacles and utilities at the press of a button. Like in the game your introduced to red spiked wall which stops path between your firecracker and the end goal.

The game introduces you with infinite line of anthropomorphic firecrackers, there task is find a way to not explode. You fail multiple times- a new sparkler with a fresh name falls under your control. Your task in game move from one side of each compact level to the next as quickly as possible. On a way you come across bunch of pitfalls and obstacles. Some are color-coded, and you soon get the ability to make those obstacles disappear and reappear with a dedicated button press. Just observe in game the colour-switching mechanics increase in frequency and complexity, Game  It’s Full of Sparks emerges as some kind of rhythm-action puzzler. There are two things which is bit challenging onr if figureing out the timing of the colour  and you’re against the timer, but executing your plan is another level of challenge entirely

Game come out with the concept of introducing multiple colors, and also a various object which can help and delay your progress. Things includes like springs and bridges and even occasionally magical propellers turns on and off at will. Were at a time only one color can be erased at once, having to avoid a various number of differently colored bullets, With the number of gimmicks and the frequent change of marching throughout-with more levels require lightning-quick reactions, and others need a more methodical approach – which keeps Full of Sparks interesting throughout its 80+ levels. You can have more fun just simply bombing through each level. And cute with cute boggle-eyed characters and chunky 3D levels is very attractive


Visually speaking its mindblowing and gorgeous with luscious and cel-shaded delight graphical style, which really brings the character firecracker into life and adds great charm to the game. And game is rendered in 3D with beautiful, crisp architectural structures. Graphics resembles a bit Lara Croft Go. And environment are somewhat mundane and modernized low-poly look is perfect for the game and eye catching. Colors are nice mix of bold and soft pastels, vibrant hues that mesh together to create a lovely world of game It’s Full of Sparks. But the soundtrack work done by developers is incredibly well done, and the catchy beat drives your firecrackers on with a swagger that contrasts well with the aesthetics of the game. Controls are intuitive and simple. In the bottom left are two buttons move your firecracker right and left. On other end you collect the corresponding artifacts, result colored buttons. As you secure the colored glasses, you which conjure up and conceal similarly colored obstacles and objects which will guide you safely between your firecracker and the end goal. Tap the button on right moment and time o toggle them otherwise it may lead to untimely deaths.