mobilestartupz 10 Most Beautiful Games of 2017


GenreAdventure: Developer:Fingerlab

The game is developed by Fingerlab, in the beginning game seems like a kind of runner game but that promotes Yuri. Control in game works absolutely fine  like set of virtual buttons allow you to move right left, or jump into the air. They’re a reasonable size you don’t have to worry about mistaps.

As you travel through the mysterious world, various obstacles come across. You might need to drive  yourself off sinking platforms, or jump from vine to vine. It’s all suitably in keeping with the theme of yuri- being jungle-like but in a mystical kind of way. Balanced on his bed, jumping through the air, gliding, Yuri lets you into his dreamworld.  Guide him through beguiling landscapes and past dangerous  fauna and flora to discover the mysteries of Yuri’s dreams. In the game you come across many enemies which hinders your progress by slowing you down. Momentum and speed is important if you want to keep going here, so that you can make difference. Fortunately, you can leap over them relatively easy way. In Yuri’s mysterious world you feel like you’re playing a skateboarding game. Because you’re dealing with a guy on a bed, it has that same floaty feeling to it.

The visuals are mind-blowing, alongside the delightful musical score, reinforcing just what works so well for such games. It’s It’s a delightful dip into a more artistic way of gaming. Yuri comes strongly recommended for fans of beguiling runners



2.Hidden Folks

Genre:Puzzle Developer:Adriaan de Jongh


Hidden Folks  is a energetic seek, playful and find experience featuring meticulosly detailed scenes packed with tiny people going about their daily business. Each level is its own Wimmelbilder, or teeming figure picture, made up of hundreds of individuals existing withion their own small section of the space while still relating to the larger, overarching image.

Beyond being exquisitely complex drawings, Sylvain Tegroeg and Adriaan de Jong have created a world that feels like it exists outside your voyeuristic visits, that continues moving even when you’re not watching. Unlike the overwhelming collages of similar series like Where’s Waldo?, which stuffs bodies into claustrophobic quarters specifically for the visual obstacle it creates, Hidden Folks feels like a livable place populated by a more realistic amount of people. These Folks have room to walk around, jump up and down, and even dance–and they do. And yet this does not reduce the difficulty in finding individuals; it merely shifts the challenge focus from overwhelming cacophony to clever placement and player input.


3.The Big Journey

Genre:Adventure Developer:Armor Games Inc


It’s a simple kind of beautiful. There isn’t anything overly complicated about The Big Journey, neither in its graphics or its gameplay. It looks much like a modern storybook. The images are crisp but warm; two-dimensional flat art that still feels textured. While the title may be a euphemism for death in some cultures, nothing irreversibly bad ever happens in The Big Journey.

Part of the recent wave of feline-centric mobile games, in The Big Journey your goal is to guide the roly-poly Mr Whiskers through his search for Mr Choo, dumpling maker par excellence, who has recently gone missing. Although, as Mr Whiskers’ animal friends suggest, there are many different things he could eat, it’s only Mr Choo’s dumplings that fill his stomach and warm his heart.At least Mr Choo didn’t disappear without a trace. He left behind a loose trail of lone dumplings that should be able to lead Mr Whiskers to him – eventually.




Genre:Adventure Developer:FUNFORGE

Tokaido is a beautiful turn-based game concentrated on traveling the famous japanese route to collect souvenirs, create artwork, make encounters with generous strangers and mysterious. Game gives opportunities to travel in groups of three, four, or five and can play against AI opponents, online or locally on a device using a “pass-and -play” option. Game takes 20 minutes  to experience one journey with three AI opponents. Game is based on physical board game, but no Knowledge of the original is required to enjoy the mobile version. Players can experience the how the turn-based game would function on a tabletop.  Indeed, the transition to mobile is executed so well that it feels completely natural on my device



appstore5.Old Man’s Journey


Genre:Adventure Developer:Broken Rules

Game old man’s journey developed by broken rules, in game everything is hand-painted and individually crafted, with little touches of movement giving life to the world. A delicate wisp of smoke rises off the chimney pipe;potted plants dance in the breeze so all these scenes are enjoyed playing the game. You can feel progress of the game in a linear story, however, which is told as the Old Man passes through each breathtaking scene. He receives a letter that morning at his cliffside home, and while we dnt notice what is written inside it, you can find him in worried, confused and shocked state nd then determined before picking up a traveling pack and walking stick. He immediately sets out toward a destination that’s unkown to us, now its our job to help him. Story of each endpoint are revealed at stops along the way; when he pauses to rest t different locations, like train station or hotel, we see a flashback from his past that is related to the current location. we discover his history and his motivation.

Old Man’s journey is a mind-blowing journey, affecting experience from start to finish that rewards players that are willing to take their time and admire each scene in full before forging ahead. The games’s themes and story are presented boldly without dialogue, allowing the delicately crafted scenes to speak to the player directly, washing over them like rosé-colored waves at sunrise.




6.Framed 2

Genre:Adventure Developer:Loveshack

Framed 2 is the type of mobile game you can’t get enough of it. a showing sharp power of intuitive mechanic and unique, satisfying problem-solving and genuine world-building artistry; then add a comic book noir aesthetic and some jazzy riffs and I’m all in. You can see game progress through a series of cutscenes and series. Puzzle scenes are presented as comic-style panels through which one of our characters must advance. Depending on the order of the panels, they may encounter a game-stopping obstacle, or ,if negotiated properly, they may avoid that obstacle entirely. To solve a scene, you must change the order or position of the panels by rotating or dragging.  When there is a scene of challenging, you might even need to reuse a panel or two.



7.Monument Valley 2

Genre:Puzzle Developer:ustwo Games Ltd

Game developed by ustwo it’s not a surprise that Monument Valley 2 is a master class in storytelling.  In game there are two protagonists woman named Ro and her daughter, and their tale tells the classic themes of how parents needs to figure out how to let go and children learning to stand on their own. The best way to grasp gameplay mechanics both new and old is to start tapping on things and trying to slide them around. Even people who never touched the first game will have no problem diving in and figuring out how things work.

If you want a puzzle game that will test you,then its not for you, just want to experince with in order to get rewarded with interesting themes and gorgeous artwork, Monument Valley 2 succeeds at that. But if Ustwo ever explores this world again, I think there’s a gap between the gameplay and the art that could be crossed to make this the masterful experience these games have just barely fallen short of being in my eyes.



8.The Witness

Genre:Puzzle Developer:Thekla, inc.

Everyone will enjoy The Witness the first time around the game is beautiful in its simplicity, with a cohesive and bright look that pushes colors and shapes over textures. The game consists of puzzles which are hidden in all places. These puzzle helps you to unlock door, open boxes, control bridges and even activate other puzzles. Rules are applied with same basic principle. trace a line from circular starting point to the end of the line. In the game make sure line passes through every dot lining the path, in other ways you’ll have to cordon off different colors or shapes in order to proceed. And in some incidence puzzles are effected by the environment you play. What’s cool is how this super simple concept is built upon to create a shocking amount of diversity.




Genre:Puzzle Developer:kunabi brother GmbH

Frost is a puzzle Game bursting with life the goal of the game is guide the flocking spiriots back to their home planets. As you move on to levels, you will figure out correct pathways and perfect timings to cross the obstacles. Each environment includes different types of obstacles, beams of light that slash through particle streams or such as electrified grids that cannot be traversed . Some swarms follow your trail, others avoid it, some require the stickiness of other groups to lead them to their goal.

Unlike other puzzles constraints are not annoying but instead inspiring and requires creative and open approach to solve them. It’s such a pleasure to interact in every scenario you often found myself slowing down my progress, moving to see what would happen, rather than toward actual goal. The game would likelu take a day to finish, with no hints or skips if you stuck, certain levels might extend hat timeline depending on how patient you are.




10 Gorogoa

Genre:Puzzle Developer:Annapurna Interactive

This year its all about puzzle with beautiful hand-drawn art-style games Gorgogoa is one among them. Here you’re playing with images just put them in the right place, rules are need to zoom in, dissect them, then stitch them back together in the right way to push the narrative on. And quite frankly it’s a little bit wonderful. Gameplay takes the form of four grids, with your aim almost always being to get your object from A to point B.

Gameplay takes the form of four small grids, with your aim almost always being to get your character (or an object) from point A to point B. Each grid is only small you’ll be fully capable of spotting any required object, and panels until something clicks. You’re not just swapping pictures around so the hero can walk from one of them to the next in safety, you’re taking images of stars from books and using them to light lanterns. You’re dropping stones from a box in one world, letting them fall through two different worlds, and then positioning a bell jar with a butterfly in it underneath them.

Game is filled with full of ideas and mysteries,with a narrative that makes solving the puzzles feel like something you have to do. . Gorogoa is the sort of game you’re going to sit down and play until the end, and this makes game very special