This platformer is nothing groundbreaking, but it’s super adorable and fun nonetheless. The Big Journey, you play as a large cat. This cat is so large that it’s actually just a circular blob that you control by rotating the game environment around it to let gravity slide and roll it around as necessary.

The Big Journey


Genre:Puzzle Developer:Armor Games Inc

The Big Journey is a physics-based platformer game which we control of Mr.Whiskers, a hungry Kitty, where he goes in search of the missing owner or his favorite dumpling shop. The Big Journey is from Armour games and Catfshbox  a platformer game starring a cast of cuddly fat cats. The game brings justice with gorgeous visuals and gameplay, soundtrack which offers everything for a type of gamer. As you play which brings a smile on your face, funny Mr. Whiskers cycles between noises and meme-worthy facial expressions. The game looks much familiar like a modern storybook the images are crisp also warm; game it two-dimensional flat art which gives textured sensation.


bigjourny,jpgThe Big journey game focuses on exploration, collection, platforming skills and avoidance with a little amount of combat thrown into the mix. Mr Whiskers is a round kitty that goes on a journey looking for his best friend Mr. Choo through, On your quest, you’ll have to tilt the world to guide your cat hero through levels while finding course of tunnels, deserts, forests and gorgeous nightime collecting bugs, avoiding or battling foes, eating dumplings  searching for dumplings and his beloved friend. The game is divided into 5 levels with  five levels each. In these levels, you can opt to tilt your device or use virtual buttons to rotate the world and tap a jump button to help your kitty get around. The levels are filled with sweeping pathways, drafts, springy mushrooms and crannies and nooks – some which you need to  stumble across to discover the goodies lying in wait.

As you continue to play game you’ll look forward perils like spinning blades, really angry snails, and spiky crevices and difficulty remains pretty constant. And there are variety of enemies but they either require you to bop them or jump over them with your big, flabby bod. As far as gameplay is concerned The Big Journey nails that careful balance for platformers in their attempt to be universally appealing. There aren’t any lives, so novice players can try as much as they like to pass each level. Meanwhile , if you’re looking for challenging task then game offers a three-star system that has players collecting items and completing the level at certain amount of time to gain them. And finally you players each level has plenty of secret passageways and animal companions to discover (along with new cats to play as). The beauty of The Big Journey is that each element I’ve discussed is pretty segmented from the others, meaning that it’s a perfect game for all types of folks.


In the game scores help to build the game’s atmosphere and changes with each new chapter. Where the game hits a bump is with its controls. Its up to you to use either use the accelerometer or on-screen buttons, but both have their flaws. In the game rolling and Bouncing around as a pleasantly plump cat in a super colorful environment was more than enough to keep me pushing through the game. All over the game you will encounter a range of animal friends, each with their own unique personalities. You can also share these encounters as well which can help others know about your progrss. You’ll also meet other cats, though it isn’t quite as satisfying to play as Sushi Cat as it is to bring Mr Whiskers through his journey from beginning to end.

Visually, the game is a joy. It’s simple without being basic, and you can see that in its smaller details, like the little motions shrubs make as you roll through them. Game is really fun to play, but its truely treat to our eyes speaking about soundtrack and visual which has vibrant colors , is stunningly gorgeous. The game has a nice mixture of both 2D and 3D graphical elements, environments that simply pop out and a backdrop that isn’t too distracting but adds so much personality to each of the game’s regions.Overall in The Big Journey is just so cute and charming that you want to see more of it. you will explore more  from its branching paths because you know you’ll find something that makes you smile. By the way, don’t forget to check the reason why not to get cheap elo boosting at