Social media has infiltrated almost all of our lives to an extent that cyber security really matters now. The privacy of the user and the security level of media sharing should be given prime importance. That is exactly what SecureTribe intends to do for its users. It is a new way of handling social media sharing and I find it exactly on the money.

secure-tribe-scr3What exactly does it do?

When you use SecureTribe you can be absolutely sure that none of your content is available to general public without your consent. The entire content gets encrypted before it is sent from your iPhone and only gets decrypted on the phone of an authorized user who has the proper decryption key.

secure-tribe-scr2Why chose SecureTribe above other options?

Obviously, you can find lots of privacy solutions using which you can encrypt files and transmit them to other people. But the problem with them is that they are more tedious, complicated and cumbersome especially for the non-security geeks. The complexity factor is completely eliminated in case of SecureTribe which has turned it into a user-friendly and largely functional application for sharing your photos and videos with all your known associates.

secure-tribe-scr1Features to notice

  • The SecureTribe platform allows you to choose the aspects of your life you want to share and the specific people you want to share them with.
  • You can create private albums and public albums which will be shared with only the people you deem to be your private and public ones respectively.
  • Parents are enabled to create secure invitation-only private tribes where they can choose to share their baby’s pics without any worries of getting hacked by online predators.
  • Musicians and celebrities can create their own VIP tribes which will allow them to engage with their fans only and control them.


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