Game ‘The Witness’ is a great puzzle game which kept me coming back for several weeks but also made me seeing lines and circles, paths in the real world. Game makes you lost in a maze.

The Witness

Genre:Adventure Developer:Thekla

Game Witness developed by Thekla the game is inspired by myst, were player will experience vibrant, luscious expansive environment with 3D graphics. Besides the natural beauty of rivers and hills, trees and flowers the most spectacular work is in the building designed in collaboration with real architects, mechanic structure that clank, creak and thud the sculptures. supported in permanent scenes from different time periods- some have laptops, have swords these figures make the island feel like a gallery: you get to experience the story and you find no hint whether you’re wrong or right.

One thing I really enjoyed about The Witness the first time around is here. The game looks beautiful in its simplicity, with a bright and cohesive  look which pushes colors and shapes over textures. Game is full of puzzles- much more puzzles- which are hidden all over the place. Seriously, whole world inside game is puzzle. Puzzles unlock doors, open boxes, control bridges and also will activate other puzzles.


Like many other puzzle witness has same basic concepts:trace a line from a circular starting point to the end of the line. Cool about the concept is how to built upon to create a shocking amount of diversity. Its necassary in the game that line you passes through every dot lining path, other times you’ll have to cordon of  diffrent shapes or colors in order to proceed. In the puzzle game you meet obstacles due to environment around them, and some actually ARE the environment.

Speaking about Witness design it literally shines in its aesthetic way. I want to say if there ever was agame to show off the super OLED display of the upcoming iPhone X, The Witness is surely already achieved it. I think pproximately sixteen different locations in the overworld, despite being entirely devoid of activity, are brought to life through incredibly distinct cel-shaded and vivid graphics. With an splendid realistic lighting system that is as spectacular on the smaller screen of the iPhone as it was on consoles, the pink sparkle of the orchard or the mysterious gloom of the desert ruins looks stunning, despite its ingrained simplicity. The puzzle in the game, the minimalistic and fluorescent deign isn’t filled with details, but leaves it to players visual to make the most of the mysterious settings. After all,views that feature glittering, reflective sparawling and lakes, accessible locations that are just longing to be investigated are worth taking in.

Speaking about controls its intuitive and simple, and have been adapted for touch screens, of course, and they work reasonably well for the most part with the game instructing you the ropes as you go in the start. I mean all you do is walk, look and trace lines, by swiping horizontally on the screen lets you move the camera around so you can check whta’s surrounding you. Tapping on puzzle screens takes you into the puzzle. If you double-tap where you want to go, it makes your character run instead of walk. A tap with two fingers stops you in your tracks.

witness2,jpgYou can watch breathtaking setting just like a eye candy. The most innovative; aspect of the game Witness is how it incorporates its open world into the puzzles, in ways that will repeatedly surprise you as you dive deeper into the game. For beginners, many challenges require color and light to bypass tricky and impossible puzzles. Certain area in game require light reflections and water to reveal secrets, while other technicians use filtered colors to make  you approach certain conundrums literally from a different angle-these tricky twists expands the core maze gameplay too far hat its genre contemporaries would ever have been able to without The Witness’s gorgeous settings.  But at certain point when you’re just about sick of the seemingly infinite puzzles, you begin to look at the in-game world diversely. All of a sudden that strangely arranged collection of rocks  shows itself to be more unique than just fore show, and the island becomes more than a simple path to your next objective. The game leisurely stroll around the stumble and realm upon another hidden environmental challenge is a fun and something that is perfectly suited to the portability of the iOS iteration of the game.

Ultimately, The Witness can bring out such extreme emotions of both astonishment and exasperation  is undoubtedly an achievement in itself. And its every bit compelling and clever as it is on PC and consoles. The Witness is an essential experience for any enthusiastic gamer  although can occasionally feel like an ostentatious chore that is more hopelessly unaware than socially insightful.