8 new mobile games you should check out this week

Welcome to Portland? Portlandia? Well, whatever you want to call it, a quick glance at the new mobile games hitting the app stores this week tells you right away that ports from other platforms are hot even as the weather turns cold.

Add in titles that are new just for mobile and we’ve got a nice variety of new titles that should scratch every mobile gaming itch you’ve recently received, all without lotions or seeing a doctor. Here are eight of our best bets for this week.

1.FEZ Pocket Edition

Genre:Puzzle Developer:Polytron Inc.

Fez game developed by Polytron Inc. which is a 2D platformer puzzle elements which moves around the world in 3D space. During its initial release Fez which has been ported to practically every platform under the sun, due to its process it has won more prize. The main aim of the goal is you play as a tiny white character named Gomez. after few minutes of playing, you’re given a magical fez which unlocks the secret of Gomez’s universe: were his 2D world actually exists on one of four sides of a 3D world. Just by swiping screen right and left, you can actually exists on one of four sides of a 3D world. Just by swiping screens you can rotate the game world and expose a new 2D plane to explore. Fez is a good game where you will experience many consequences that is fun from beginning to end.



2.Playdead’s INSIDE

Genre:Adventure Developer:Playdead

Game is from LIMBO which is stylishly gorgeous game with absolutely no UI, or any visual clutter beyond turning your device into a window type looking in a strange world. The game’s atmosphere really begins to fade no matter its very challenging but you’re constantly being pulled out of it dying over and over again due to death traps and frustrating puzzles . Inside ia a game were you’ll enjoy playing with headphones if possible, as the sound creation is incredible and adds loads to the overall atmosphere of the game.

The main aim of the game you running through the woods as you continue you begin to realize that something isn’t right here. Suddenly you see humanoid figures being loaded into a truck and eventually encounter some guards. Chances are they’ll violently strangle you by killing you badly.




3. Gorogoa

Genre:Puzzle Developer:Annapurna Interactive

What makes perfect puzzle game? A clever core mechanic and logic,overall game is a smart interactions some truly gorgeous, mystical story and hand-drawn art. A good puzzler can excel in myriad ways, and yet Gorogoa succeeds in all of those variables, delivering an engaging experience that intrigues and surprises through its unique aesthetic design.

Playing Gorogoa tells an intriguing story of a young boy which is an adventure that begins to  gather five items associated with what looks like a South American deity that appeared outside his window. The story is very tricky with mysterious creature outside and embarking on a quest. This story is definitely kind of story you can interpret in many ways, and that’s part of the game’s magic, at least to me. One thing is true people who enjoy metaphors, game will definitely please you.And its a perfect piece of crafted puzzle game which has incredible hand-drawn art that is a critical part of the game, you literally haven’t seen anything exactly like this.

Game Gorogoa divides screen into four panels, each panel contains an illustration that can be rearranged and zoomed in and out or shifted  left and right. also there is a option to turn on hint syatem which shows direction areas s can be interacted with, but you can easily figure out what you can interact with even without that aid. The mystery or magic starts when you try to identify how to remove a tile’s overlay and when you see the worlds hidden underneath other worlds. Gorogoa really is a gem of a game that belongs on most people’s devices and one that will cast its magic on you as soon as you start playing.




4.Life Is Strange

Genre:adventure Developer:SQUARE ENIX INC


Square Enix Kicks This Series off With a Bang. Aim of the game is help max who is a high school at Blackwell Academy  and the story begins with her nightmare, which sets the pace for what is about to happen over the next few episodes but for her bad luck she has no idea yet. Game made is really cool andwould be really helpful in real life. mechanic that allows you to rewind time so you can help max save Chloe.




Genre:adventure Developer:CAPCOM Co., Ltd

This is the time to enjoy the adventures of Miles Edgeworth, Ace Attorney game has already made its impression mileage out of using the same basic structure almost more than 15 years. The biggest change you can observe in 2009 arrival of the first official spin-off title in the franchise, Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth. Taking a form similar to a point-and-click adventure, fans of the series got to enjoy a whole new perspective on familiar characters and locations.

The game aims at Miles Edgeworth who gets his hands dirty actually investigating (hence the title) crime scenes. Use the Logic system to bring criminals to justice, and enjoy the usual Ace Attorney personalities while you do it.




6.Oddworld: New ‘n’ Tasty

Genre:Adventure Developer:Oddworld Inhabitants Inc

The game Oddworld: New ‘n’ Tasty! is a rebuild of the original OddWorld game,Abe’s Oddysee, The made lots of changes in graphical improvements also  a ton of new content and even some expanded mechanics in the game. We can tell developers had really done a great job what we couldn’t seen in original 1997. Game New ‘n’ Tasty has almost all qualities of Abe’s Oddysee which is 20 years old. Enjoy feeling your age as you dive into touchscreen controls or take advantage of controller support and marvel at the new graphics.




7.Dream Town Story

Genre:Adventure Developer:Kairosoft Co.,Ltd

Are Kairosoft games something of an acquired taste? I guess yes, they are so popular one these days. Dream Town game brings the studio’s formula to complete with a co-op mode, city-building. You get a opportunity to be builder you’ve been dreaming of, pun definitely intended unless you cringe too hard.



8.Like a Boss

Genre:Adventure Developer:Versus Evil

Like a boss allows players to control evil boss to fight against heroes. In the game you will play as a epic raid boss as they come to steal your treasures. During game play you make full use of those powerful skills and fight against up to 40 heroes at a time. With each successful victory, use points to upgrade your boss and unlock new bosses.

In this game you will essentially play as a epic raid boss at the end of a dungeon, and what you need to do is crushing players (the heroes) as they come to steal your treasures.During the battle, players can make full use of those powerful skills and fight against up to 40 heroes at a time. With each successful victory, use points to upgrade your boss and unlock new bosses. Don’t let your enemy to win just because they always do in other games. Level up,   lead your minions to glory and craft your gear