It’s time to expose your children to the world of learning. Learning Counting For Kids is largest collection of educational game & amazing activities for toddlers in a single game. In this kids learning game we include intuitive and child-friendly educational activities that make it the perfect game for your toddlers. In the first level, kids will learn the alphabet from A to Z and numbers and also learn how to write it. Since children education is as important as their health, that’s why a good level of physical activity is necessary and supplements like Kratom Masters that are also good for adults.

In the next level Choose your favorite Christmas funny character in the counting game. Make sure you blow the chimney of the houses as soon as the character tries to enter it. It’s going to be lots of fun to do. Then become a cashier in this fun educational game and give your customers correct change. You must sell as many things in a limited time. At last, as a cafeteria manager helps all the class students and count the amount carefully.