Mobile games have their own fair share of fan following. Though the amount has dropped considerably with the invasion of social media and other online attractions yet there are a lot of persons who still seek out new mobile games for entertainment. Monster Ninja, a new game in the market has impressed the users to a great extent so we thought to write a review of it. So, here it goes.


Simple games have their own sense of charm which attracts gamers towards it with its simplicity and addictive concept. Monster Ninja is one such mobile game that would attract your interest with its simple approach and yet keep you hooked with its addictive nature. The rules are pretty simple though just join the Monster Ninja himself in his quest to fight the Evil Shaman as well as loads of other monsters in order to save the planet Doe and accompany him in his never-ending adventures along the way.




  • Move, Jump and shoot, that’s all you have to do to proceed further in this game.
  • You can compete against online gamers and try to unlock all the achievements in order to move up the rankings.
  • The controls are great and intuitive. It uses touch controls for shooting and jumping and the running is controlled by the accelerometer sensor.
  • The challenges are pretty exciting and engaging such as jumping from platform to platform, flying on dragons and lightning birds, shooting your enemies, using cool weapons like the laser gun and rocket launcher, overcoming different obstacles and of course fighting the Evil Shaman, the arch enemy of Monster Ninja.
  • You can shop for armours, weapons and skins.




The final word

The graphical interface is quite fascinating and so are the rules of the game. Intuitive controls make it a user-friendly game. All in all, this is one game worth playing. The game is available for both iOS App store and Google play store.