An Arcade platformer with one touch controls that presents you will all kinds of dungeon obtascles.Also an endles runner with the spirit of Nitrome


Genre:Arcade Developer:Tobias Örnberg

Game is developed by Tobias Örnberg is an action- platformer game where you just tap to hop around as aknight through a dungeon while trying to avoid obstacles by killing enemies. Gametakes a very simple set of mechanics and makes them feel awesome while filled with a bite-sized mobile package. Hoppenhelm‘s no different its only different is in the way that those are literally the only three moves at your disposal. Also it doesn’t appear like ace developer’s games, which has familiar super-honed feel to it too with expressive 16 bit art style and bright.

Our Little Knight must move forward continuously through the dangerous endless dungeon, else he will be swallowed by the rising lava and game is over. Also be careful about , slice up bats,  spikes, crack open chests, fend off fireball attacks and Enter bonus rooms. Hoppenhelm is a 2D endless runner game that control game by simple three buttons:hop, block and attack. Control hopping moves little Knight forward one space while attacking and blocking protects you from the guillotone, blobs, snakes and all sorts of other hazards in the dungeon you’re progressing through.


The main aim of game is in every run is to make it as far as possible without dying, which is a task very challenging one . Although you will have some time to react to things by virtue of controlling your own movements, Hoppenhelm puts constant time pressure on players in the form of lava pit at the bottom of the screen which continuously rises when you stop playing or moving. Fortunately Hoppenhelm’s complexity of control increases while its not always welcome in mobile games.

Controls of the game are perfectly responsive also you do get some time react to things by virtue of controlling your own forward movement, There is one advantage  dieng repeatedly in the game, you’can amass  coins, which you can use later to unlock new knights and weapons to help you perform better on subsequent  runs. Many of the weapons just increase your critical hit chance, where new characters offer slightly more variety. On runs certain  Knights allow you to earn more. In the gameplay unlock doesn’t effect more in fact Hoppenhelm has great control scheme that feels more responsive, tight and totally awesome and satisfying. Its great levels to design to test your playing skills without feeling unfair. These unlocks are just gravy on a game that is already flat-out fun to play.

hoppen2In the game you can purchase new Knights and weapons which will grant many special abilities which is commendably cheap using the game’s currency. Hoppenhelm doesn’t set any standards for the endless runner or the stripped back mobile platform genre, but which is a highly enjoyable game. Hoppenhelm is a twitchy reflex arcade game, with no levels or anything of the sort. Its nothing but endless game where you test how far you can reach. Each hop counts as a step, and your score is essentially the number of steps you took.


Since Hoppenhelm is a twitchy reflex arcade game, there are no levels or anything of the sort. Instead, it’s an endless game where you test how far you can go. In Hoppenhelm, you control a knight who must hop through a dungeon environment while also attacking and defending himself from various enemies. Each hop counts as a step, and your score is essentially the number of steps you took. Graphics of the game are top notch, which is great credit to classics .t’s a simple strategy that doesn’t feel too invasive, but it does get a little uncomfortable when looking at the game’s continue system.  But don’t be fooled — the game proves very challenging and interesting. when you factor in all of the dangers that await you. Plus, there’s many possibilities of avatar and weapon combinations, so you can find a play style that fits you.