You might be surprised as you do your running around this weekend that mobile game developers haven’t neglected the holiday week at all, but have instead dropped some very high profile titles onto our app stores. Not that you need another reason to give thanks, but you just might be grateful when you discover the new goodies available for download this week.

Top 5 mobile games of the week


1.Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp

Genre: Puzzle Developer:Nintendo

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp is launched globally by Nintendo like many well known games  Super Mario Run and fire Emblem Heroes, pocket Camp  is the best one yet without ever replacing “real” Animal Crossing games such as New Leaf on the 3DS. Developer Nintendo took its sweet old time jumping into game of mobile, The major part of the game is  developing friendship levels and keeping your new friends happy. To do this you can listen to their requests and peck about the island , collect item whatever it is they want. And if you want to make new human friends, you can find other players dotted about the island, do lot more things visiting their campsite, give them kudos, befriend them and vice-verse. or you can just add friends by usual code-sharing. in a game that is destined to be living on the top app charts for some time.

you’ve never played an Animal Crossing game before, they all more or less follow the same gameplay path: You arrive as a new person in town, and slowly make friends with other villagers by completing various basic tasks while you’re constantly chasing down the next piece of furniture or other house upgrade.It’s not the greatest or most interesting game on the market, but it does a good job at being an Animal Crossing-lite. It’s also a pretty good advert for Nintendo’s full AC titles.




2.Naruto X Baruto Ninja Voltage

Genre:Strategy  Developer:BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc

It sounds like PvP is a big part of the game, also you can see solo missions cleverly turned into same type of action-RPG-light style. The game Ninja Voltage is the set in the world of Naruto and you are in charge of your own village.  Also there’s a little bit of city-building or atleast and battle when you upgrade things and construct , gather resources. In the game you build a team of four shinobi for trickling both solo missions and invade other players, game also focus on defending your village’s  fortress and gathering a team of shinobi to confront and overcome the enemies, traps and defenses of other fortresses.and build a base of your own and fill it with traps and ninjas to keep attackers out. Game has outstanding graphics and more story to Naruto x Baruto Ninja Voltage




3 Puzzle Fighter

Genre:Puzzle  Developer:CAPCOM

If you think there was a game which released before mobile was a thing, then it was Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo. The game has gem-crushing puzzle game than just a Street Fighter and Darkstalkers characters, Dropping blocks and Tetris-style to make matches to attack the enemy fighters which is a mechanic involved in touchscreens. This is the reason Puzzle Fighter dusted it off and it into a brand new game using the DNA of the original. The game is frantic and fast with more depth than you might think, you don’t have to be good in action games to want to try this, though a knowledge of games beyond Street Fighter will pay off when it comes to the character list.

You start the game  by picking one main character, which has his or her own abilities and strengths . plus you can choose additional characters that will supplement the skills of your main character





4.World War Heroes

Genre:Adventure  Developer:Game development ltd

Here we’re not writing about World War Heroes wouldn’t have come out anyway, we’re trying to say that its timing .. very convenient. With gamers super psyched mentality will call of Duty franchise going back to basics and returning to a WWII setting, this will have its advantage on mobile era too. Anyway, this FPS is indeed set in World War Heroes II which features five game modes, four types of vehicles, seven different maps and dozens of weapons, so there should be plenty of things keep you occupied.




5.Talking Tom Pool

Genre:arcade Developer:Outfit7 Limited

The game has nothing to do with billiards. I know this is not a pool season for most of us right now, but seeing as the temps are hovering right around the freezing point, but no one can stop you from dreaming ahead to next summer with this matching game that is, indeed, in a swimmimn pool. Get ready to party with talking tom and other bunch of talking animals because its not only talking cats waiting for you to take command of the slinging mechanic over 270 levels while also building your dream greatest water park ever! which are inside.