To pay or not to pay? We read that somewhere once, maybe by that Shakespeare guy? Or words to that effect, anyway.

We bring this up because despite some opinions to the contrary, there’s no one way to present mobile games to the masses. Free-to-play with IAPs is the most popular method, sure, but there are any number of games that let you pay one price and just enjoy all the goodness they have to offer.

(And yes, some games that charge you to download and hit you with IAPs, but let’s not talk about that for now.)

We bring this up because our selection of promising new mobile games for this week runs the gamut from F2P to very premium, a term we just made up but should henceforth be applied to any game that costs more than $10 to download. Yet they all look intriguing, regardless of price, so let’s check them out

This Week’s 9 New Mobile Games You Should Download

1.Million Onion Hotel

Genre:Adventure Developer:ONION GAMES, K.K.


Million Onion Hotel is unique action puzzle game which is It’s wacky, weird and special, kind of like Grapple Gum game. This is the best game I have ever played, that will really make you go “WTF?. When you see some some of the screenshots for Million Onion Hotel, you could be confused into thinking it’s one of about a zillion match-3 games out there. But no; instead, game described as an “action puzzle” and come across tons of quirky characters and an offbeat story.

The gameplay in Million Onion Hotel is fast-paced and challenging. Players get a 5×5 grid, and there are onions sprouting up from the ground in the board. You’ll have to get as many onions as you can before time runs out. Game has only one mode, but there’s a lot of content in depth to unlock in the form of cards. These cards dictate which show up while playing your game, and every unique characters are worth at one or other ways, which will decide your final score.





2.PES Card Collection

Genre:Adventure Developer:KONAMI


Developer Konami has figured out several ways to make use of its PES soccer franchise on mobile, from full-featured console ports to sims. This is something different but still very much similar to company’s wheelhouse, as it lets you collect and train cards of real life soccer stars and then use them in exaggerated but entertaining matches. It’s a whole new approach to the beautiful game and we are here for it, as the kids might say.


3.Sonic Forces: Speed Battle

Genre:adventure Developer:SEGA

Sonic game has had kind of a mixed record of success on mobile games, just as he has on disappointment for the last decade or so. But with Sonic Forces set to arrive in less than a week, this new game offers a chance for you to get your Hedgehog fix early. The developer used Mario Kart vibes as you race your competitors and try to stifle them with traps and attacks, and they have added bunch of different characters included from throughout the franchise’s history.




4.Final Fantasy Dimensions II

Genre:Strategy Developer:SQUARE ENIX INC

Here we have Final Fantasy Dimensions 2 [$14.99], which is not a follow-up to the story or mechanics of Final Fantasy Dimensions [Free]. Instead, it’s the sequel to an unrelated Japan-only free-to-play social RPG called Final Fantasy Legends, which was also the title Final Fantasy Dimensions went by in Japan. square Enix has been very thorough about removing the free-to-play systems from the game, but its basic structure is still that of a social RPG. You don’t have to worry about stamina meters, premium currency, or random gatcha pulls, but you’re also not going to be exploring caves or over world fields.

Hey, it;’s the game that made us make up the “very premium” moniker! Jokes aside, Square Enix has never been shy about releasing Final Fantasy games on mobile and making people pay a pretty penny for them, but it never seems that bad because Final Fantasy. Dimensions II is an interesting case, though, because Square Enix tried releasing a F2P sequel to Dimensions in Japan first before scrapping that and circling back with this. Looks like time-tested FF as you like it, though some early reviewers are griping about it a bit.


5.Pocket Build

Genre:Puzzle Developer:MoonBear LTD


Though we’re endlessly in love with builders, we’re also the first to admit that F2P mobile builders often don’t really let you build exactly the farm/city/whatever that you picture in your head. There are good reasons for that, but paid builders don’t necessarily have to obey those constraints. Thus, we give you Pocket Build, which really does promise to let you construct the town or castle you imagine, plus it’s promising new items with which to build in every update.



6.Abi: A Robot’s Tale

Genre:Adventure Developer:Lilith Games

The game will remind you a little of WALL*E were two friendly robots discover that humans have gone and they have to figure out why-Abi has the kind of immediately spellbinding visuals that can’t help but pull you in and make you want to find out more.In this case, you’ll find that you need to use both Abi and DD to solve the game’s puzzles. Along the way, you just might find yourself pondering whether our reliance on technology is such a good thing, albeit while ironically clutching your phone or tablet.



7.The Memoranda

Genre:Puzzle Developer:Digital Dragon

Pint and click adventure games are another favorite mobilestartupz genre, meaning The Memoranda caught our eye right away. Describing itself as “a game about forgetting and being forgotten,” it centers on a woman who is gradually coming to terms with her own memory loss, including the basics like her name. Inspired by the short stories of Haruki Murakami, it looks to have a super interesting cast of characters and boasts thousands of lines of dialogue to make it a top contender for this week’s most immersive newcomer.



8.Merge Farm!

Genre:Puzzle Developer:Digital Dragon

We know, we know. You’ve farmed before on your phone. Probably many, many times. So much farming. Even so, Merge Farm lets you do something most farming games do not, which is to combine crops — or rather, merge, since that’s in the name of the game — to grow bigger plants that produce even more fruits and vegetables. Is this some kind of genetic science or sorcery of some sort? Only one way to find out …



9.Runic Rampage

Genre:Puzzle Developer:Digital Dragon

We haven’t yet talked about any fantasy-themed games, and since we’re contractually obligated to do so every week (note: not really), we’re doing it now before this list runs out. Runic Rampage lets you unleash the fury of Grimbard, the last champion of the dwarfs. Since dwarfs are surly under the best of circumstances, you can only imagine how angry Grimbard is now that his kingdom has been wiped out. Something tells us that helping him to get his reckoning in this action-packed dungeon brawler will be a lot of fun.