FROST developed by  kunabi brother is a soothing puzzle game with brisk and stunning experience that makes reality melt away.Makers of Blek have a new path drawing puzzler for you


Genre:Puzzle Developer:kunabi brother GmbH

we would remember in those early days of coding websites,  when we could add a mousetrail  which could follow a site visitor’s cursor around the page. Whether it was sparkles or bouncing balls, there was a magical delight in surprising a visitor with this small feature that acknowledged their presence through responsive movement. More than years later I was reminded of my simple pleasure were I swiped my finger around the screen, playing this game. How beautiful the game is still have something special and move just as you keep going. But how far we have come in the fascinating art of pulling and pushing pixels.

The goal of the game Frost is to “guide the flocking spirits to their home planets.” Which is hidden within those scattered words is an exceptional game experience that comes along all too rarely, and I’m really grateful to have participated in it. Disadvantage of game is it lacks in explanations or instructions outside of a small illuminated hand that occasionally provides some positional guidance. Just move on with each level of game and swipe to sparkling swarms towards glowing orbs, filling each orb with the stream. You come across many obstacles like beams of light that slash through particle streams, electrified grids which cannot be traversed and some swarms follow your trail, others avoid it, some require the stickiness of other groups to lead them to their goal.

forstThe colors in FROST range from bright neons to more spectacular, animations are smooth and fluid, with no lag on my iphone 8 plus. In the background there’s an atmospheric  and ambient soundtrack that plays, sound effects are restrained, with light sizzling, tonal chimes and other subtle audio clues which helps for your choices helping your progress. Frost is mellow and calm, with a perfectly paced difficulty progression. Overall developers did an excellent job with FROST’s  audio and visual design which is for sure. Game introduces new mechanics with every few levels in a puzzle which is really fun and easy as you move on complexity of game with new type of response  or movement and each new way of blocking or attracting or rerouting a new physics system that is unexpected and ingenious.

Like many puzzle games, FROST is level-based puzzle game you need to go through each stage in chronological order. And game doesn’t display how many total levels you have to play through since you have to go through them all to find out, but there’s definitely a good amount for the buck. Controls in FROST are simple and intuitive. In all levels you can see a flow of swarms comes in somewhere on the screen. You have to swipe fingers on screen to the corresponding planet and you’ll see your path appear “depressed” on the screen, as it will end up being slightly lighter than the background. Small particles appear on the path that the spirits will take once the current gets picked up. Just press anywhere on screen to begin with fresh



when you get the spirits to their home, you’ll notice a ring fill up around the planet. This indicates the number of spirits each world needs, and once it’s full, you’ll have a limited amount of the time  before it slowly begins to deplete. When a level has multiple planets, you should guide spirits where they need to go in a timely manner so that  all the planets are filled. When I played this game had great satisfaction and  spontaneously brought smile in my face when I found a solution, watching particle streams do what I wanted of them. unlike many other puzzle game restrictions are not frustrating but instead inspiring, and require an open and creative approach to solving them. It’s such a pleasure to interact in each scenario. I do truly hope the developers add more levels. Playing FROST would take you a day to complete, though with no skips or hints if you get stuck, certain levels might extend for even hours depending on how patient you are. Frost is a gorgeous game with intense beauty and satisfying problem solving of Frost exemplifies why we play mobile games. which is apparent as you watch the particles dance and freely flow on the screen. This game is  premium game with a higher price at launch than many other options in the App Store. Its really worth to buy this game and with new technics introduced